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I bought a pair of Ultrasone 2500's from Miguel. He has 8 pages of positive feedback so surprise, he's a great guy to deal with. Communication was prompt and thorough, shipping was quick, and the headphones were packed to survive a nuclear blast. Wouldn't hesitate a moment to do business with Miguel in the future. Thanks.
Unfortunately I am going to have to back out as well. I was really looking forward to it, but there's always next time!
I can bring along a Presonus Central Station and my HD650's.
Count me in. I'm totally flexible with dates and location.
I've been pretty satisfied with my last audio upgrades, and am content with my new road bike, so I decided to drop some money on hobby #3. First time I've seen a PPS in grey, so I had to get it.
A few years ago I spent a week on the trail up in Connecticut. The portion I was on was not difficult at all except for a couple hills which wouldn't be a problem for a healthy, reasonably fit person. It's a really beautiful area.
The DJ has a surprising amount of power: the headphone amp is quite good. Plus, there is a line out for running into a dedicated amp if you upgrade. For laptop users looking for a usb or pcmcia card under $100, I would put the DJ at the top of the heap. It is a very, very good source.
I love Nightwish; have everything they have every released. I think Anette is quite good, but not at the level that Tarja was. She has a more ordinary voice, whereas I think Tarja had a really special style that made Nightwish unique. Would love to hear them live sometime.
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