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I just saw you got no responses. I have no experience with the guitar equipment you are using but all in all it sounds like your K10 monitor is much brighter sounding than the SRH940?In such a case I would recommend trying possibly the beyer DT770 with some eq'ing or if semi-open would be too much of a problem with leakage the DT880 would prolly be even better since they are more neutral with some treble brightness/emphasis.I would think that you could use a separate...
Hey that looks familiar Howdy hipster.
Good story. Music can alway be a great pick-me up. Better to be addicted to it than a number of other things I can think of......I just had one question about your story though.....Do "massive biceps" isolate much better than "normal biceps" or even "puny biceps".... This may motivate me to hit the gym harder
Short answer?...... Sony, hands down.
Also go to best buy and try a pair of UE6000 from your own source.
If u are looking to match the beyer sound why not get the dt770? Not the same but as close as you will get.
Yes the iphone can handle the hd25 with ease.
I would not bring mine to the gym only for fear of getting them sweaty. Pads are replaceable however. The split headband on the 1350 gives you a snug "grip" on your head so in that respect they are better than any other headphone i have owned for being active. The cable is not too long either. Isolation is very good on the 1350 once you achieve a proper seal. I have big ears and i have to fidget with mine a little to find the exact right spot.
You could also consider a lighter open headphone like (or virtually open): Modded ksc75 Portapro Px100-ii Careful not to cause yourself hearing damage if you use them in any noisy environments. People tend to be more likely to turn up to dangerous levels in that scenario. Sorry had to put in a hearing safety plug.
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