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Well if it goes that way...... i guess i have picked mine out..... Doh!-Holliday
Well before i go over to the edm thread and become "that guy" wearing the greenday tshirt by asking about similar bands to skrillex, maybe yall can give me a place to start. If i like skrillex (sorry but i love the doors live instrument manipulation and all that) who should i check out first?Are the ones yall mentioned already a good choice? Ill prolly order a couple cd's today.And morbid toaster. Is that record store still there on the drag? Is that dobie mall...
I mean i personally enjoy the uptown as a portable headphone and for 65 bucks especially. Definitely more portable than the m50. Also fairly efficient and designed to be unamped (the m50 needs no amp too but has a very long cable)http://bensoutlet.com/products/citiscape-uptownYou would really enjoy the UE6000. Might be out of your price range but is is really a nice sounding headphone. If you are looking into the xb series as an option, i think these would be the...
Thats funny cuz i have been choosing my 550 over my 990s lately as well.
Im going to have to give that a listen then.Does the mainstream influence dubstep popularity? For example I remember when i was a young man in austin texas. We were a small group and were similar to you -- allways on the lookout for new bands. We would sift through all the vinyl in that little record store on guadelupe blvd accross frome dobie mall (is that still there? If so whats the name of that store again?). We were into original hardcore punk and punk music. ...
I would say they are gunna be similar sounding with smoother highs than the s500 and similarly emphasized bass. Not fast and punchy but not slow either and loose either. The uptowns are gunna have more detail and slightly more space than the s400.Believe it or not i never directly compared them to the s400. My s400 are with a husband and wife who are buddies of mine along with 5 other pairs of phones im letting them try. Let me reserve my official answer for when i...
Yessir.... I would pick up a pair. Be warned about the cable. Its a bit weird but sound is impressive.I couldn't tell you i don't have the 1001. Thats a good question id like to compare them.
Im curious. Why is that?Please tell me he's not the vanilla ice of dubstep or something..... I really like the stuff i have of his a lot.Btw. Thanx for the link. I subscribed. Looking forward to it
I haven't tried them to compare but here. Try this. This thread shld answer your question. And if not I'm sure someone there has tried both and you should get a fast answer. Good luck!http://www.head-fi.org/t/612299/jvcs-micro-hd-line-revamped-for-2012-ha-fxd80-70-60
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