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The HD 25 would indeed be portable and is a very good rock headphone. The DT1350 is my prefered on ear and can be found as low as $209 open box, but prolly out of your price range.Look into the KRK KNS8400 as an over ear that could be used portably if you want, Very good for rock music, removable cable so you can use a shorter cable for portable use and a longer one at home. Highly underrated headphone IMO.
no thats $311.89. still a good deal if new!
@warren..... I knew you could get viruses on the internet but not this kind.... You gave me your bug Now I'm sick as a dog. Chicken soup, vit C.... liquids.... hope I'm good to go for my vacation in 2 days.
That's a good plan. Keep in mind you are changing headphones entirely which is going to make the hugest difference in sound. Next adding an amp is going to be the next largest difference maker. The DAC of your ipod is going to be the least noticable and I wouldn't stress about it until you have the amp and new headphones hooked up and get a chance to see what you get out of it. You are likely to be happy with just adding the little amp with the new headphones. Hell...
Like i said before i would get an inexpensive fiio dac if u don't wanna spring for the odac or modi or similar. The difference in dacs isn't going to be as drastic as differences in headphones or even amps. However using your pc audio out you are quite likely to have noise or other issues. With such high quality gear i would at minimum run a decent reputable sound card or the e10 and just use the dac section of it if u have maxed out your budget.
I would doubt it honestly. I have to turn my lyr nearly halfway with the adapter on it. The e6 isn't going to hit output levels anywhere near that.Fellas I am going to measure the impedance of the adapter i have tomorrow and post it.
Do it. You will NOT regret it.
Do me a favor and compare the M6 with the one you just got in the mail. I did that with the ones I had shoved in a drawer and the older ones I had indeed sounded like the garbage i remember but the new ones are passable.I threw the old ones away and the newer ones will be passed on as a stocking stuffer. I would be interested to know if anyone else has the same experience. Who knows maybe mine were fakes (fake $20 dollar iems?) as I got them from another head-fi'er as a...
Thanks for the link Jgray.
My bedside headphone for when my wife is sleeping is the K550. Of course I sit up in bed with those on as the cups are huge. If you are looking to lay down flat while you listen the DT1350 would be a great on ear headphone. Very detailed. Very nice for many genre's including rock and even hip hop. Both can be run direct from your ipod. I must say I am confused on what your source is. If your source is going to be the ipod, I don't know of a device that bypasses the...
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