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Look into the K167 and save yourself some cash. UE6000 is nice a bassy too but durable is not the word I would use to describe the build.K550 more for jazz.DT770 more for hip hop.Both have nearly open sounding feel to them for a closed can.
Ordered rca's for my modi from monoprice. Next day deliver in los angeles for $5. Always get my monoprice orders fast.
Very rough concept. Just threw this together on my ipad before running off to work.
Or maybe just a sincere hello to my buddies after disappearing for a week on vacation.........
Sorry for the delay. Just got back from vacation. Hope you found what you are looking for. I would still say the mh1 with tape mod is my fav of those three.Happy holidays.
Hey guys. I have about 150 posts to catch up on but just wanted to say Happy Holidays to you all.
Check out the AKG 167. I have just spent the last two hours listening to them and they would be one of the few phones I would say you would get the most out of two diverse genres that you like. They are also very efficient and I used a desk amp and a sansa clip+ and there was very little difference. The clip was able to make them perform. Very light and comfy. I have no other alternate recommendation for you because they seem perfect for you.
They must be on crack.....
Yup like warren said I got those same ones. I posted on here earlier that my M31's came DOA in the left side. I got the shipping notification today from Mee and they said to keep the box, extra tips, case etc and ONLY send back the defective IEM. Not bad service, immediate response to the problem, they are paying the return shipping, and they let me keep all accessories. Pretty good deal at this point for the $10 i paid.
Well I got some extra sleep. Feelin a lot better. Lots of people at work getting colds too so I guess it's just going around LA right now.
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