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Isn't it kind of hypocritical to accuse me of "hating" on someone then turn around and say expressing my thoughts is "unnecessary".I'm not hating on anyone here. Just answering a comment of "the problem with appreciation threads......". You think my post is unnecessary, well I think that is unnecessary to go into a thread and state what the "problem" with the thread is and am expressing my thoughts as such. If you have a problem with a particular thread or type of...
Yes Happy NY y'all!! Heres a couple more Jude Jan selections for ya.
Maybe thats because it is a thread for those who APPRECIATE something.
Thats interesting because i tested it out for someone asking the same question. I used my rayban wayfarer sunglasses and found it impossible to get a proper seal. No matter what i did. I suppose it all depends on the glasses as the raybans are thick framed.
Nice work warren!
The $225 on amazon IS a deal. I mean you can wait around to save $20 bucks somewhere one of these days but the current amazon price is a great price for a great headphone.
here are a few choices for ya.
My condolences to you and your family warren. Sorry to hear about your loss.Thanks for the file. Hopefully i will be able to get to helping tmrrw or the next day. Been real busy since i got back from vacation...Happy new year to ya buddy.
Ya like snatch is the SAME movie as transporter right?
@MLE, I thought I read you got back into a pair of HD650s? If that's the case how do you like em with the magni? (sorry if thats been covered, i've been gone for a while).
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