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I thought the anc9 sounded hideous when i tried them. The bose actually sounded better honestly. In terms of sennys the mm550 is a better sounding headphone imo. Beware of senny's noise canceling technology as it sucks up a lot of the bass when anc is turned on.I found that the 60 dollar able planet "linx audio" nc1100b sounded better than the bose. However the bose noise canceling far surpasses all of them. The able planet is a similar plasticy build to the bose...
Thanks for your thots on this. I think i might go ahead and try one out and see how i like it in comparison.
This is the exact one i bought. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00568BV68/ref=oh_details_o09_s00_i00
Cheers. Thanks buddy.I think what you did looks just fine. Maybe we go with a little bolder font if we want people to notice it better. I'll fix the ones I have done later tonight with the TMAC on it.Thats awesome warren.Yes...... Michael Jordan... he even starred in "Space Jam" the movie Very nicely done.. Didn't notice that the frist time.I agree it would suit Silent One the best. If he is interested in it.I guess my personal avatar is pretty much a...
Well mine did come in a strange box that said "Stark Industries" on the side... didn't think anything of it at the time. Honestly I would try it again. I watched the entirety of lawless and part of another moive with no problem. No error message and the little blue arc reactor light on the dac lights right up when I plug it in.My "camera kit" is an after-market 5 in 1 from amazon as an aside.
Well.... I seem to be the only one who found it interesting that you can bypass the Ipad's DAC with the modi with no other power source...... Just got done watching Lawless with Ipad>modi>lyr>HD650. Modi/magni stack could come in handy at work actually to be able to listen from an ipad.
Something tells me this is not quite what you had in mind but here you go
I don't know if this is of any interest to anyone (or covered when I wasnt looking ) but I was able to power the modi drectly from my ipad using the camera connection kit. Someone PM'd me asking about a comment I made about trying it so I finally did. I first tried it with a powered hub but then realized the powered hub is not needed.Anyway, not that I am going to use the feature but someone might find that useful.Thanks MLE. If I try it I'll be sure an post my...
Yussir... thread derailed indeed.In any case...... Any LYR owners on here get the Magni yet? Been waiting for a decent report on magni+HD650 since it came out. Picked up a modi and prolly gunna grab a magni as well.
I usually read REVIEWS on headphones when I buy them not fan based threads which this is. We can discuss the semantics of where the derivation of an appreciateion thread comes from all day. It is what it is. Fans of this headphone post here. Fans are going to be biased. At the same time I have seen plenty of pros and cons posted here.There are no lack of reviews and pro's and cons on head-fi on the 650. Reviews of the 650 abound on the internet.You also don't...
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