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Well I guess this is a familiar picture for many of you..... taking off that packaging was quite a treat on it's own. I have them out and I have been using them for about 25 minutes so far. I am listening from an Onkyo nr-tx509 receiver from the HP out on the front. My lyr doesn't come in until tuesday. All I want to say right now is if you told me that this was it. That there was no improvement to be had of any kind from here. I would still feel these were worth...
If the K550/K551 fits you well you will like it for your music taste. Its a good choice. No data on momentum though.
Ok no man-tears today...... ups is unloading right now.... someone's grabbing my box.... (speaking of cables I think I'll need this one from my PC to my reciever..... if you haven't read those reviews yet its a good chuckle.
I presume someone already recommended the Downtown for $40 from bens outlet? They have the uptown for $65 which I have and is a very nice sounding headphone which isolates decently well. Doesn't leak bad or anything so she could use those for study. They look fairly decent too. They have nifty little ipod controls too which she might be into. Very comfy.
^ this +1
I guess it depends on how much you like super heroes. That is almost like saying "how many comic books do we need already". Lots of fans so there will be lots more movies.
I think we agreed on using the "Currawong is Watching" pic with the santa hat. People said they are going to add little personalized mods to the image. I am just going to use it as is. Won't use it all month but I'm in.
Thesehttp://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-CX200-Twist-to-Fit-Earbuds/dp/B001EZUQ5E+Thesehttp://www.amazon.com/Comply-T-400-Black-Pairs-Medium/dp/B002NUJ2RM/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1354323093&sr=1-1&keywords=comply+t-400= never fall out -- ever.Bassy budget iem good for hip hop
And what's the problem? Well good luck with your search. Pls let us know what you end up with.
Thank you sir for the moral support I'll be sure and PM you if I need a shoulder to cry on.........
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