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I think you should just listen to them and not worry too much about burn in. But the M50 is a nicely built headphone for 100 dollars and is a nice relatively balanced sound. I don't think the 280 is a good headphone for music it is very laid back and sounds almost veiled or muffled to my ears. Very boring sound. A good fun portable headphone to start with is the HD25-1 ii.
The uptown is obviously an over ear headphone. It is a darker sound than the S500 which is a fun sounding V shaped headphone. The bass is a tad slow but not bloated and has a nice texture to it. Mids are not recessed but some mid details seem a bit laid back. For $65 dollars they are a great buy. They have an edge on the S500 in comfort, isolation, and build. The cord is thin but has control buttons on it which is not desirable by everyone. The S500 seems to have a...
I really just dig the humor of the hat honestly. Now for sure there is NOTHING religious about a bird wearing a goofy red hat with a ball on the end...... right?
I don't really think Santa as portrayed in modern times has anything to do with religion frankly but.... Sure we can even make a Hanukkah or other theme'd currawong bird if someone makes a request. Or just the original currawong is watching version is fine too.
Got my $290 Senny HD650 in today.... whoever leaked that deal over here.... thanks a mil.
They actually did a pretty good job of making finding the subforums qickly though it isnt a dropdown. Hit the button in the top left hand corner of any thread page. Then touch forums. All of the subforums are quickly displayed and IMO they are easier to find than the original version.I will note this in the bugs. Thanks.
Yea I agree. I like the darker route they went with the Batman movies. That is exactly what I was hoping was the reason they re-did Spiderman so soon to make it darker. Oh well it was still fun.
Its basically experimenting with making your own preferred sound by trying different tubes with a tube amp. I believe (but am unsure) it derives from the concept of rolling your own cigarrette.
You will get sound at decent volume but you are going to want to amp them out of a portable device. They will be most notably a bit anemic and distort in the bass department. Not sure on the astro. The beyers are pretty efficient so it is certainly possible.
The Beyers are one of the best in that department for a closed can. And they are very comfortable due to velour ear pads. You will want to get an amp if you don't already have a decent sound card in your gaming PC. The Fiio E10 amp is down to 45 dollars on Adorama right now and is a steal and will run them very nicely. Get the 80 or 250 ohm which ever one you can find that is cheaper should pretty much be your criteria on that.
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