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Uh.... Er..... It was all warren's idea. I knew nothing about this....... What? My avatar? How the hell did that get there!?......... No, wait i can explain!!!.....
Damn weathermen never get it right.......(Forcast for that week)
Yes JVC really has been turning out some good products as of late. And their new flagship got some really favorable comments from Amos (Currawong).I don't have those ety's to comment on the value for $100.
Still got 3 hours till midnight here but updated avatar anyway.... Happy New Year to y'all.
Nope but downloading that as soon as i get to wifi. Thanks!
Oh yes. Agreed. I saw that one when it was released in the theater. Seen it at least 10 times.Evil version of Sheila: You found me beautiful once...Ash: Honey, you got reeeal ugly! (Ka-boom - blows her away with shotgun).......
Oops yes i meant to say that. Havent had my coffee yet. Thanks.Thanks. I would be interested to see his reasoning for saying that if he actually did. I doubt we shall ever see such thoughts in writing.
Wow I can't tell you how many times I have raised that same question on here....... Why do things always seem to "burn in" for the better? Good to see someone else who sees the same inconsistency in logic.Did jason actually say that? That the little schiits murder the bigger schiits mentioned here? If so someone please link me.
Oh my.... that is certainly one of your best yet... lolYou asked about more heros.... didn't have anything in mind but since you asked:Haven't gotten around to adding the TMAC to everything yet.... busy day yesterday.. I'll do it today.Edit:Heres the avatar version with a couple fixes and TMAC:
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