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Don't worry Currawong....... we always have a chance to get another go at it in April........... Amos April has a nice ring to it
They don't sound good enought to post that twice........Odd you would recommend them for good bass. Extension and control is not that good.
Check out:K167 (over ear)DT1350HD25-1 IISennheiser AmperiorHD25-1 II
I can relate to what he is saying with the K550 soundstage. Since I started using my K550 with my Lyr I feel I have re-discovered them. I find myself sometimes listening to them instead of my HD650 (which are my favorite headphones). And when I do I have the same thought every time of how impossible it seems to be getting such space out of a closed pair of cans. I haven't A/B'd them to put my finger on it exactly but for some reason the K550 does seem to leave even...
How's that?
There was that but he was going to go back to being a mentally impaired moron again.... I just thought that was lame to have that be the background of the hero.BTW... happy new year Focker.
K550 do indeed have much larger cups in circumference and do not come with a carry case and have a long cable. The momentum and sony may be easier to lug around.I actually love my k550 and the isolation of the k550 is fine. I use them all the time sitting up in bed while my wife sleeps. You just might consider the 551 for the shorter cable if you go with the AKG.
Except Jude January was supposed to be a nod to Jude's work to make headfi great and the theme we chose was his "Celebrity status" as depicted on movie posters. I wouldn't mind helping but video game covers strays from the theme IMO.
I would agree with you. I honestly think i am one of the rare few who enjoyed the Hobbit more than the lord of the rings trilogy and am looking forward to the next two. Frotto was portrayed in an annoying light IMO. Too many dramatic, bewildered gazes into the camera........ I understand im almost entirely alone on that but i did really like what they did with the Hobbit.I agree with all of you in ways on this one. For instance the 7 of 10 rating is about what i...
Okay y'all here are the ones i made earlier all formatted to be more avatar friendly and with tmac added. Feel free to use them its what i made them for. Think those are all im gunna do unless i get a specific request. Thanks warren for the png file. Made it really easy.
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