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Thanks for the story...... But no, i don't have the same problem as you.
I think there are just not a lot of options in that price range with your criteria. Spending the extra bucks to get an HD25-1 II would be worth it for me since you will have them for years to come. They are durable. Even the amperior was 170 on vminnovations a couple days ago refurbished.
give them a fair shake though. they are an awesome headphone. my 2nd favorite that I own just behind the HD650. I especially enjoy them through my Lyr but i have to use an impedance adapter.That is a STEAL.
UE6000AKG K167
Fiio e10 is a fine little amp/dac for use with a computer. Order from b&h or adorama or micca to ensure you are getting authentic and the new version. If u need strictly a desktop amp look at the objective2 or the magni.The 167 does not "need" an amp. The e10 has a bass "boost" switch which you may like for certain songs in your prefered genres.What is your source?
Take a look at the akg k167. Also the dt1350 is a great balanced headphone with tight bass and low extension but it is an on ear portable.
This: this: work just fine.Cost ya $10.
Just measured it this afternoon. It seems to have 100 ohms on the left and right channel and the common ground has no added resistance.
[sarcasm]Yea I know, none of them had real compelling characters like the green goblin......[/sarcasm]
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