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Portable? MagniFiio E10
Look feel free to PM me as it seems you have a lot of questions about headphones. Also see the buying guide linked in the OP of this thread.You are talking about an alternate to beats. The DT770 is more of a home/studio headhopne. It is quite large on your head but more importantly it is a fairly heavy and long coiled cable. I have never used my DT models portably although it could be done and I know of at least one person who has paid to have their DT770 recabled to...
Yes Derbigpr, you are correct. They are not "screeching" and especially not bloated.You should have simply described a good sounding headphone more responsibly.
Sounds to me there is something the DT1350 isn't delivering that you are looking for. You should figure out what that is and find the headphone that will provide it for you. The DT1350 is an excellent headphone and if you like it - keep it. You can always add more to your collection Edit: As a note I do find my DT1350 sounds better amped.
The differences in sound are not going to be much. Just get the one honestly you can find the best deal on. Your Fiio E11 amp will run the 32, 80 or the 250 ohm just fine. No need to purchase a new amp. Just find your best deal and pull the trigger and enjoy. DT770+E11 is a nice set up, but you never mentioned your source.... ipod? phone?.. what are you using?
Sennheiser CX200 has decent isolation and can be had from amazon for $20. Especially with Ts400 comply tips (sold seperately).
go to They have a cheap biflange tip for $2. They take a while to come in but I use them with my W4 and they will fit your monoprices as well. (assuming you are talking about the 8230)
I would try out a real nice uiem like the Westone 4. I find those to be amazing sounding IEMs. You can use the comply foam tips whilst traveling on an airplane and it will isolate equally as well as any noise cancelling headphone. While not in flight you can switch to a better sounding tip. If you are going to invest the money, you might as well get the best sound you can get.My second recommendation would be the DT1350 if you are looking for more of a portable...
Thats the first I've ever heard that one. In any case, my e11 is extremely reliable. Good, clean, transparent portable amp.
Well grab a pair of jvc has400b for now. Got,ine for $25 bucks new. They fold into a ball and i have seen people post that they purchase lowellpro lens or camera bags to put them in. Great sounding on ear for the price.
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