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Speaking of email subs. Anyone else have the problem of not being able to turn them off?
I avoid using onboard audio on any computer as a general rule just from my experience. I don't know coz I have never heard your mobo though.An economical option is get the E10 for 45 bucks now. You can then later get more money together and upgrade the amp section of the E10 while continuing to use the E10 as your DAC (it is a perfectly good DAC to my ears.) Then if you feel the need you can later upgrade the DAC. You may not need to. Then you don't have to spring...
Based on my satisfaction with the lyr, i just pulled the trigger on the modi. I think I am gunna buy the magni as well even though I don't remotely "need" it. If you are concerned and want to play it safe, orders are starting to arrive, there should be more impressions and info on both starting today on the dedicated thread I would imagine. Good luck and hope you finally get your HE400.edit:...
Nice score!
I dunno buddy. That's up to you.O2+ODAC? = $285Magni+Modi = $200E10 = $45Did you see that tread yet?http://www.head-fi.org/t/640774/this-schiit-is-bananas-99-schiit-magni-amp-and-99-modi-dac/0_20
And that means my modi must be being delivered downstairs right about now............
Here's the posthttp://www.head-fi.org/t/505970/the-deals-thread-beware-too-cheap-scam-or-fake-no-affiliate-links-permitted/8295#post_8956120Link still looks good. i have never heard of that retailer. Good luck.
You did see the sale posted the day before yesterday? $360 new shipped HE400? I knew you were looking for a deal before.
That's because there are a lot of people who use the M50 and like it. I don't particularly care for it in favor of a lot of my other headphones but saying a headphone that sells for only $114 on amazon (even lower as of yesterday) is overrated is really a matter for PERSONAL taste.It is really more that it is a running joke on one of the threads on here to recommend the M50 for everything by people with little audio experience because it is such a common headphone. I was...
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