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This is the 3rd of three headphones I am selling to make some room.  I got them directly from Beyer last year.  Have a hundred or so hours on them.  I have the original box, case and adapter for this one.     Shipping will be Fedex ground.  $10 to conus.  See pics they r in great shape.      
I am selling off a few of my collection. These were purchased used by my last year. I have used them personally for a minimal amount of time but i dont know how many hours were on them before i got them. They are in great shape. I took lots of pics so please refer to those. The pads have loads of life left in them. The headband may be near needing replacement. Only say that because after longer use it kind of sticks a little bit to hour hairs. Its strange because it...
Out with the old and in with the new. Making some room and passing on some of the headphones i don't use any longer. These TF10s don't have more than 50 hours on them. It wasn't long after getting them that I got my preferred W4. Included is original cables, small, medium and large sized silicon tips, one new pair of comply tx series tips, and one soft double flange tips I'm throwing in. Comes in the UE protective case. I found the original box since taking the pics...
I just thumbs up'd this ^
Thanks y'all for the warm welcome back. Ya ive been a bit busy. Doing some traveling and working a lot.Love the tyll idea. Glad to see you guys are still having a good time in this thread.So whats on the radar for next month's theme?Edit:P.s. welcome back urself there warren!
  I'm ur huckleberry.......
Oh good.... I have 3 more years before I get grumpy... Yes, it is truly an awesome experience there.Yessir it is indeed an iPic owned theater. The gold class cinema I believe is the local name in Pasadena. They have other locations in the US but not many.Sorry I didn't get the specs on the equipment.@Focker, sorry to hear there isn't one near you, but surely you will have an excuse to come to LA one of these days.... it is right in "old town" Pasadena.
Well if you are ever out my way, try the gold class cinema in Pasadena, CA. Right outside LA.Yes those are fully reclining lazy-boy style chairs that are electronically controlled. A compartment is in each arm rest to tuck away a small backpack or handbag or even a jacket.....And yes that is full bar and menu service during the film. Somehow strangely you never even notice the service personnel delivering items during the film. It prolly has to do with the fact each...
Careful whilst showering..... Congrats.
I just saw a post by Jude.... lol he is officially a TMAC member i guess... he is sporting a Jude January Avatar. What a good sport. Avatar produced by warren if I am not mistaken (the image not the movie ). Congrats, thats an accomplishment warren.
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