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I know what you mean....I switched to ball-points because I scribble too fast and too much. If you ever get the notion, try Visconti Gel Ballpoint refills in 1.0mm (not the regular ones). They fit any standard parker-style pen. I use mine in my lava rock Visconti. For a ballpoint they are dreamy the way they glide. Next best thing.
Thanks for adding me to the prestigious animal company warren.Sounds fairly eventful... I'll look those posts up, I can already imagine how hillarious that got. Nothing is safe here on TMAC, not even an innocent photo of a cute dawg.....
Ill take the dog with the black eye.  He can be Dog-holliday.... :D         Looking forward to it. 
  If you are set on best buy and interested in bass emphasis check out the UE6000.  A tad higher in price at $199 but the M50 is not a bass monster if that is what you are looking for.   
Wow you guys got popular.... I only have 600 posts to catch up on.  Did I miss anything?   
Companies like Axis, Arecont and Vivotek make HD cameras from 720 to 1080 and even over 2K video resolutions in some cases.    Storage and camera cost does indeed go up pretty fast.  To put it in perspective a regular 640X40 image is roughly 1/6h the image size and thus 1/6th the storage of a 1080 frame.   That means every gig you needed before is now multiplied to 6gb.    That being said with the H.264 compression now widly used in the CCTV world, you could...
Item sold.
Invoice sent to member PXSS.
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