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Hi, like the title said I broke my triple flange tips for my HF5s, and I wonder if I should buy a 5 pairs pack or if I should try out some other tips.    (the gliders are hurting my ears and already damaged just by getting them off... And I don't really like the sound of the foam tips provided)   I'd like to keep the sound isolation good though.     Thank you for your advices.
Alright, HF5 are on their way.    Thanks for your opinions. 
Hi.   I've been searching for new IEMs, neutral, sturdy, w/ good isolation, and my choice has been narrowed down to these :   Etymotic HF5 and Hifiman RE-ZERO.   I can get each one for the same price (~90 euros)   I can't really decide despite reading several reviews. What would you advice ?
    I had not considered Etymotic HF5 because i thought they were over my budget, but it seems I can actually find them for 83 euros, shipping included.   Though i'm concerned about the comfort, I read they were really uncomfortable to some people. My ears aren't delicate flowers, but I sometimes listen to music for 6 or 7 hours straight. So how do they feel ? Are they really uncomfortable ?   Still hesitating (particularly between hifiman re-zero/re0 and the etymotics),...
Hi, I'm looking for new IEMs to replace my broken pair of d-jays.   Range price : 60-100$ Music I listen to : Kinda everything. Electro, classical, rock, metal, rap.  Sources : Ipod nano, sansa clip+, laptop. Retailer : In Europe (around france). Preferably on Amazon (co.uk, .fr, .de...).   What i would like : - Neutral sound. It can be slightly thin or bassy, but i'd like the medium and highs untouched. - Solid. I'm not really taking good care of...
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