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I think they are very funny and engaging to listen to. The bass sound very pleasant to my ears. They rock!
Maybe a Fiio D3?
I have a little question. I have a Harman Kardon hd 980 cd player with a wolfson WM8740 dac chip. And i also happen to have an external dac also with the wolfson WM8740 dac chip. I have heard that the sound quality depends on how the dac chip is implemented. So my question is if my cd player would benefit from this external dac? The external dac i bought for about 194 us dollars. The sound from the external dac is more bassy. So even if they have the same dac chip the...
Just a thought. Do you think that the headphone manufactorers would produce a headphone that didn't sound as they intended at the begining? I find it hard to believe that they would sell a headphone that didn't sound as they intended right from the box. But maybe I'm wrong  
Sony mdr-xb700. I think it was the 700 I tested. You won't get dissapointed if you want bassy cans.
Ok, thanks for the answers. My cd player can read mp3 files. Would it be audibly better to burn the files as a storage cd rather then an audio-cd?
  Like a "Music Audio CD". I wonder if the burning process does something to the sound? Ok, maybe I should burn my favourites to an audio cd just to make it sound better in my cd player.
I have a little question regarding audioloss while burning 256 kbps aac files from itunes. If i make an audio cd and play it in my cd player will it sound better if the dac is better? or maybe worse because of the burning process?   Thanks in advance.
When I listen to spotify maybe i've stumbled across some songs that are 160kbps, but i don't know if I can distinguish them from the other songs that are 320 kbps. Maybe It's not audible for me.   Okay  ozarkcdn Interesting.
Thanks for the answers.  
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