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I ordered a quad, and it took 18 days to get to sydney, its not that long.
I dont suggest putting sd cards straight into the iquad, i would test em first, make sure they arent fake, and see the specs like write/read match the stated amount before using em.
 Adding value to an item always has more resell value, however a modded ipod has a much smaller market than an unmodded one. So it will be much more difficult to actually sell it.
Using pliers requires alot of force and will probably end up bending the frame. You should use a small hacksaw, then sand it down.
In real world usage the 2000mAh battery lasts about 50-60 hours.
 I know this, but not really what i was asking, for instance if you use the 12watt charger on an old iphone4s, the battery heats up considerably, and when you heat a lithium ion battery it reduces its life span, so although you can do it, and it does charge the battery faster, it might not necessarily be a good idea. However with the 2000mHa battery, might be fine, i want some opinions or actual information on people who have done it. Does the 2000mHa battery also get very...
I've recently bought a 2000mAh battery for a 5.5 gen, now i notice apple provides a 5watt charger for ipods/iphones, a 10watt for ipads and a 12watt for ipads with retina display. Would it be safe to use a  12watt charger with the new 2000mAh battery to charge it faster ? Or would it reduce the batteries discharge time with usage or its probable lifespan.
I noticed other people complaining about static, After 1.5 years of use, i am starting to get static, after a few hours of playing using foobar2k at 24 bit, but lowering it to 16 bit fixes it.
I got a Wireworld Starlight usb cable for the nfb-15.32, and i noticed a huge difference. So very happy.
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