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I noticed other people complaining about static, After 1.5 years of use, i am starting to get static, after a few hours of playing using foobar2k at 24 bit, but lowering it to 16 bit fixes it.
I got a Wireworld Starlight usb cable for the nfb-15.32, and i noticed a huge difference. So very happy.
Got an update on if it was worth the upgrade ? i am curious to know myself.
The senn momentums arent that great especially for the price, i would go for the HE 400, keep in mind that the e17 propably wont be powerful enough to give the headphones enough juice to keep volume levels as high as you might like.
Well i worked it out. The supplied usb cable is a pos, i changed it to a different one i had, and detected no problem. dam Pita wasted an hour of my life.
I receantly got the 15.32, i have tried every usb port on my comp, all 6, and it just doesnt detect. Am i missing something here ? btw, it is set to usb, Low gain, and HP out.
Purchased Feb 2012, still in immaculate condition, has about 10 hours usage. Comes with box and accessories. I think these have 2 years warranty directly from v-moda. Can ship internationally at cost, paypal add 3%. Much prefer a local sale in Australia. Pickup > Post   SOLD          
i got a a900x recently, and you can definately hear it changing over time , the more you listen to it the better it gets. At the 10 hour mark i suddenly thought wow, where did this bass come from. I look foreward to the 100 hour mark, but fantastic phones.
Its simple really, because different people have different priorities, and various levels of disposable income.
If you are gaming, get a ad700, best bang for your buck.
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