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  Thanks for the info :)   Are relatively cheap RCA -> jack converters any good? Maybe I'll try and compare RCA/jacks, but I only own one good analogue cable which is jack/jack.
Yes, but is the crosstalk argument still valid if you end up with a 3.5 jack anyway?   chroniX: Why do you say the jack out is more amped than RCA? Since the voltage on the RCA seems to be higher (2V vs 1V I think), I'd say it's the RCA that's more amped?   I'd be interested if anyone knows if there are valid differences between the two outputs on that card. I had already googled it but found nothig.
  Is there a reason you use the RCA out rather than the 3.5 jack out from the Titanium HD? Just curious :)
You don't need to buy an external DAC too keep your soundcard features. A DAC is the part that converts the digital signal into an analogue signal, which your sound card already do pretty well. The ODAC or E17 is rather useless for you I think.   Epiphany Acoustic's O2 at 112£ (shipping included) should be well inside your budget and do everything you need. Why does it have to be nomad though?
  Upon recommendations in this thread, I'm currently buying a DT770 Pro 250ohm + x-fi Titanium HD + O2 amp, so I'm in a pretty similar case. I'm not sure what your sound card's worth, but I  think you should keep it and buy an external headphones amp. You can find the O2 for 150$, it should power the beyer properly (it can power 600ohm headphones) and is very transparent (won't colour the sound).   The amp will just amplify the signal and ensure stable voltage, it should...
  I only received my Titanium HD and I can already say that I'd be definitely interested! Lots of options are confusing and can actually degrade the sound. I found an existing guide on head-fi that was pretty useful but not complete. Googling the rest wasn't always easy.
Jason Bourne: Unfortunately, as stated in the guide, most virtual surround devices for headphones (Mixamp included) don't support DTS, which is what most movies use. I don't think you'll be able to get surround sound for movies with the Mixamp or similar :(
  Oh, I thought that the MANUFAKTUR line was based on Pro, not Premium. That must be why they don't offer different colors, it's already complicated enough like this :P     Also out of curiosity, did you have bad experiences with third-party sellers on Amazon? Only for used, or new headphones too?   I'm buying mine new from an Amazon's third party, but it's still time to change (my order was delayed, will have more info on Monday about how long...) ^^'
  Well, since they are already selling the Mixamp 2013 version with their headsets, I'd assume it won't be long until they restock them as stand-alone.         Look no further than just above your first post for a theoretical but official explanation from Beyer on this. On the practical side, you'll have to rely on reviews though.
JerseyTiger -> Trust him and ignore my suggestion on the equalizer then :)   MLE -> Oh, back on the DT990 Pro: May I ask why you'd choose them over the DT880 Pro?
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