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When I was jumping out of window with my portapros, both sides of the cables gone. I plan to solder them but I have no experience in this. Besides, I don't know if this kind of case covered by warranty. So, what would you recommend me to do ?
Ok, C2 seemed better to me but, I've seen a model D3 which uses Android. What can you say about D3 ? I like playing games on iPod and Android, so is D3 able to give me what I want ? Or, for music purposes I shall buy a C2 and maybe I can change my mobile to an Android ? Thank you for your help I really needed this.
Hi guys, I am planning to upgrade my mp3 player. I will be focusing on sound quality so, as more experienced users what do you suggest me to buy ?  --A Cowon C2 4GB with 32GB microSD or --An iPod Touch 3rd gen. 32GB or --Any model of Sansa(Clip+, Zip, Fuze ...) Please help me for my decision. Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: