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Just for future searches. I own both. And I say EP-630 beats crap out of the Brainwavz M2 from all points of view.
Hello everybody! Where is it possible to buy EPH in U.S.?
=) Sorry for any confusion I caused by that statement. I meant either bass heavy either neutral with possibility to produce the low frequency when it is present
  Thanks for the suggestion! Did you wear them? Are there really no microphonics? Do you know where I can buy them? They became recently unavailable on
Thanks for advice, but unfortunately It will probably not work for me. I have full-sized headphones at the workplace where I am siting, but do not have any good portable sound, thus I will need non-falling earphones while on the move.
The Klipsch Image ONE isn't IEM, is it?
Dear All, I am recently gave back to the store my Philips Fidelio M1, and decided to give up my attempts to find out comfortable supra aural headphones. Thus, now I am looking for IEM with dynamic driver preferably.   As for now I have Creative EP-630 (and happy with bass), Brainwavz M2 (not happy with them) Denon R560 solded recently because of inability to play very low bass and other full-sized such as DT990, DT770.   My main concern about IEM is the heavy...
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