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Oh, I generally find the bass response adequate Was just wondering what the bass mod does.
So, anyone thinks the K7XX benefits from this? I have it and while I might be wishing for a little bit more bass I fear it might add too much and affect other frequencies.
Next year! 
That's simply because Jason at Source AV reserved the first batch or two.As soon as more are made, they are rolling out to other dealers.Plus, there was a recall / delay which made things take longer still.Shouldn't take much longer now 
I find the K7XX more balanced overall. Especially in the lower treble. Not that it isn't great. I certainly dug it but at 50$ more the K7XX is better overall. IMO :3
Not necessarily. But I'd say slightly more.I found it to be closer to the X1 sound, slight V, smooth, potent bass. The Gibson pads make it more aggressive and harsher and pushing it closer to a pure monitor sound rather than the more warm and pleasing X2.All I know is that I find reviews such as Innerfidelity align more with the Bass pads presentation than the Gibson pads, which I prefer. YMMV.
Hi there, I am selling my beloved Theta Digital DS Pro Basic II. Theta Digital was essentially Schiit Audio decades ago, by the same Mike Moffat and Jason Stoddard. This is hands down my favorite DAC that I've ever owned and it is virtually identical to the Audio-gd DAC19 sound-wise and also chip wise, albeit using a different vintage Burr-Brown chip. This unit is in near-mint condition and has been working flawlessly for me for the past year, I purchased it from the...
I still prefer the acoustic properties of the Bass pads. Anyway, the X2, having a slight V-shape is great for genres like rock, pop and EDM. They also sound very good with most other stuff including instrumental and soundtracks [apparently that's a genre :P]. Anyway, mine are currently on sale for $170 because I prefer a flat FR, though I still find the X2 to be as technically capable as the flat headphones [detail retrieval, soundstage, imaging, etc.] Cheers!
I owned the X2 and L2, but not the MSR7, so can't compare to that. I find the X2 generally better than the L2. Smoother up top, more spacious, bigger soundstage and less aggressive. The L2 has a more up-front treble and is more energetic but that's about it. It is smaller and less comfy [but still fairly comfy] and it is semi-open, which might be either a pro or a con...
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