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Stock. Yes, same source. But it was very brief. I would not call Z1R bass flabby, but definitely more tuneful than the Flow C.
I wonder, based on the claims/assumptions that the only difference between the L300 and L500 are the earpads, headband assembly and cable, how does one go about purchasing the L500 earpads? I can't seem to find spares for the new series anywhere  
Hey there, Looking to sell my ~2 years old [purchased 21/7/14] Audio-gd SA31SE. I absolutely adored this amplifier for the time I owned it but am currently downsizing so would love to pass it onto someone else. It is in very good condition. Fully operational. There's a couple of nicks on the plate and one RCA channel of input 5 is loose [yes, it has 5 inputs, so even if that one stopped working there are still 4 more :]] but it should be fixable. I'll inspect further....
Hey, Looking for one of these bad boys. I also have an Audio-gd SA31SE amplifier and would accept a trade. I am from Europe. Shipping and anything else would be arranged via PM. Thanks for looking Best conq
Correct, but also not as tight 
I spent some quality time recently with the new Lambdas [L300, L500 and L700] next to the 007mk2s and 009s, paired with primarily the 353X but also the 252S for a bit. I'll state upfront that I have a strong dislike for the 009. I just don't like the high driven tonality and that was one of the main reasons I stayed away from Stax. The 007mk2 I didn't mind but never thought purchasing it. Well, color me red as much as I enjoyed the new Lambdas! On all the Stax amps that...
Chiming in. These were fairly brief impressions. I think I spent about 15 minutes with the prototype? Impressions paste follows: I by luck, got to hear the upcoming Sony MDR-Z1R, what by many [Sony included] was somewhat touted as the successor to the legendary R10. It even shares many aesthetic features with it, such as the cone like driver enclosure. I was very excited to hear it at it's current prototype stage [which should be almost identical to the final product as...
Well, certainly made in Japan! It does look impressive and very serious. Some similarly priced products are made with nowhere near as much precision...On a side note, I found it funny when the video said Americans [Amerikajin] and subtitles translated that as customers :D Gotta know your target audience, yo! Just kidding of course, but that was a bit amusing :}Still excited to hear these soon hopefully! 
My favorite AKG to date is still the K7XX [and a serious bargain at that], or either of the K702 65th Anniversary / K712, which are very similar toe ach other. The K812 was indeed a disappointment... So I hope the K872 isn't just a closed K812. I seriously hope AKG makes an improved K7xx series. With the MDR-Z1R around the corner, as apotential R10 successor [I also dig the MA900 a lot] and the likes of Focals, Kennertons, Mr. Speakers, HiFiMANs and more, this year has...
AFAIK, the Dharma uses a Wagami based paper driver... No issues there either 
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