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What would be the benefits of such optical ports? Me myself would only utilize the standard BNC/USB/Toslin/COAX inputs... Possibly HDMI I2S or AES/EBU but there is none it seems...
Is there anything at all about the X20? All I know is that it is coming and it the X12's analog stage is based on it
I am very close to pulling the trigger on the X12. It seems very promising and I've been going through many DACs lately... I think I want to go back to the Sabre land, especially if it is smooth like the X12. My faithful SA31SE would serve the duty for the HE-560, and would be the equivalent of the H10 IMO. I love this amp. Two questions: 1) Does the X12 sound a lot better when running balanced vs single-ended? My amp is SE and I am not planning to change that. 2) I...
The amp is SE only, hence why I asked whether a balanced DAC would be somehow crippled by running into it, doing the BAL -> SE conversion.I wonder to what extent that would be, whether the only benefit would be increased voltage rails just like with amplifiers.
I was looking at the Gustard X12. The little impressions I have read say it sounds close to the DA8. While still not cheap, the price difference is there and I might give it a try
Mine issue was twofold - a ground loop issue and a USB noise issue. The first one would require me to plug my PC into a different power circuit, which I could not do without running cables throughout the house... The USB issue was fixed by the Wyrd. This reduced the overall noise/hum to inaudible for the most part, so... The Wyrd did help me...
Would a bal vs se DAC reap similar benefits though?A SE designed amp with high voltage rails would then settle the rest.Since I have the amp part covered, I am more interested in whether running a balanced DAC into a SE amp would affect it negatively in a meaningful way.
Yeah, except when you either get something that supposedly sounds like X, but actually sounds like Y a bit or actually end up missing the X characteristic that the Y won't give you... If there's a perfectly synergetic DAC/amp/HP system, I sure hope I will find mine for myself Though I admit that it is fairly close now and so it was before as well... Just not exactly the pinnacle I hoped it'd reach.
It is certainly dark compared to most Sabre implementations, which are on the brighter side IMO. What is better? That I leave to the others to decide. I am a bit torn myself... The rest of the chain obviously matters too... All things being equal, the Gung is certainly not bright nor is it harsh. And the bass is excellent. I doubt anyone would argue these points.
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