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They're here!
They are certainly very reasonably priced!
5 - 7 hours away!
Well, the key thing is that EF-6 was made specifically for the HE-6... Which means that in theory, the synergy should be 100% and thereby the best it can be Also the amp alone is 1500$
Very transparent... Enough said. Every track and album sounds so bloody different it drives me crazy sometimes -_-
You can't possibly want me to buy both, can you? -_- No plans for that, yet...
This is VERY setup dependent...I'll go on a limb here and say that hopefully, the HE-560 with my current setup that I'll get tomorrow will top the HE-6 on my back-then setup in almost everything, including bass. But I'd also place preferences above everything, there was a time when I was accustomed to excessive and bloated bass presence and came to expect it, whereas now, I am accustomed to neutral, tight and focused bass [dare I say, even leaner than neutral, possibly]
The X2 better be really good... I'll be the skeptic here and say Phillips won't pull this out and just wants to go out with an overpriced bang.
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