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On topic, the HE-560 is starting to sound really amazing for me. Especially with many instrumental game OSTs. Not like it is a slouch in everything else of course     It sounds so extended in the treble but not a hint of harshness. Color me astounded...
Geez dude, it's not like that's the price of the headphone.Oh, wait it is!  
I think they're great with both pads. Focus-A sound smoother, regular Focuses sound more energetic IMO. I could live with either but I already have stated my current preferences... This is purely subjective. YMMV.   Those who have a preference for warmer, smoother sound will definitely prefer the Focus-As IMO.
I would never imagine pads being so subjective. I guess it's great but at the same time it's not :P
Yeah I guess I could.But I am not truly OCD so I'll give it time
My left one has very tight friction while my right one is kinda loose. Well, variety is the spice of life is the only excuse I can think of xP other than broad QC standards.
I think soundstage can still use some improvement IMHO. Imaging is great but soundstage size is just okay [coming off an AKG K612 and Sony MA900, that is]. Still, it does best them in everything else... It's just that I'd wish for slightly more soundstage. Slight bass kick increase and slight treble attenuation [4khz] will hopefully be achieved with a slightly warm amp. As for soundstage, well, I'll see.
1] If it is anything like Compass2, which I assume it is, it gets a bit warm but nowhere near hot2] I believe the upgrade is free right now!3\ it is an important part of the DAC. For the relatively small price, I'd certainly take both TCXO upgrades [and I always did so far]
I agree.Also booze does enhance my experience a bit as well :PI am more interested in the HE-6 successor and their electrostatic headphone
Who says 560 is endgame
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