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I'd actually like that. Or a reasonable period ahead, say month not a year...
I absolutely adore the vocals 
Interesting thread I found here 
Could we have 2 long cables instead please? I don't think a short cable is necessary here
Well, it's the only variable I can see, as I did not listen to audiophile recordings by any stretch. But obviously suit yourself 
Well, others say the presentation was in your face and even rough, which does not correlate with my impressions at all. So, I am looking at the one variable that can explain this, which happens to be the DAC, and being a Sabre at that, it'd be anything but surprising to me. They tend to be on the harsher, more analytic side in my experience.
The Ebay ones are terrible. Do't recommend.
Well, the DAC section apparently isn't that good of a match so... That's a moot point 
Check out the Vesper earpads. I believe Fong audio has them now (a couple posts back).Squeals vary. My don't do it, some do it. You can always file a warranty claim for it.
I'd blame the built-in DAC for the in-your-face / rough presentation... I din't use it and it's beyond me why the people at Sennheiser let the engineers to compromise on that when so much care went into the headphone and amplifier.
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