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I did use my own source. Still think the HE1000 is a better blend of musical and detailed and preferred it 
Audio-gs says ACSS > XLR > RCA. The truth is out there yet
Female vocals were one of the disappointments compared to the HE560 in my case :P
No R2R or based on similar design = no buy :P
In other news, the Beyer MX300 is on MD - https://www.massdrop.com/buy/beyerdynamic-mmx300 Some people really liked this particular headphone though I haven't heard it myself 
Nice. But the price... THE PRICE...  Maybe one day!
That's awesome!I wonder whether it would be possible to pass the processing onto a dedicated audio DAC, via the HDMI passthrough. The optical can only pass two channels it seems. Analogue outputs do pass it but that means using the Realiser's internal DAC [any ideal what that is?]Depending on the components it might not be necessary but it would be nice to be able to pass the signal onto other digital devices.Regardless, this interests me a lot... Now all that remains is...
Or maybe the S version
I received my replacement for the 1502 today (sent it back for what I suspected was a minor channel imbalance). The replacement is balanced fine and sounds just as good as the previous one I had, so driver consistency seems good! QC we shall see with time. For the price, I still think the build quality is fine but the sound quality I am getting is simply excellent. I look forward to some of the open versions! There is lotsa potential here Especially given the price of...
No. It is the two lower priced offerings. I think one was under 999$ and the other was around 1499$ or slightly more. I think they also have corresponding amplifiers but thet might have been the ones currently available.Idid like the sound for the money!
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