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A fellow Czech mate I think there is a good chance the LCD4 will be there. Last year it was a total blast
Hey, you are awesome! Thanks!In that case I'll stick with the flats. Maybe I'll get to try them at London My seam faces down. I think that's how it is supposed to be but I dunno for sure Cheers again!EDIT - What! There are 1.1 earpads?!
Don't forget me mate
The 400i and 400s have the same pad mounting system.Personally, I liked them both for different reasons. The 400s I liked for its smooth character and full midrange while the 400i is a bit more extended up top and bottom. The 560 is more extended in both directions than both but also not as smooth. The 400i sounds fairly close in terms of signature to the 560 while the S version is more differrnt.
Has anyone tried the Ether C earpads with the Ether yet? I think they might be a tiny bit comfier for me so it's down to whether or how they affect the sound. Any impressions welcome
Well seeing as there is a 3 - 5K peak, I am glad these are only ~40$ as otherwise I'd regret the purchase more :P Sigh. Shame!
I still scratch my head as to why this baby was ever discontinued. I keep looking for a similarly priced amplifier to this day to outperform it, but it isn't easy 
I bought the RE00 and am an international buyer. I was charged an extra $5 and I assume that's all they'll want from me   https://helpdesk.massdrop.com/hc/en-us/articles/216723438
I wonder what they'll call its blue brother 
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