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4 - 5K is the sibilance area. Again, this depends on treble sensitivity and whatnot, but generally speaking that tends to be the prominent range. It does obviously contribute to other aspects, like leading edge (crunch happens lower IMO) but generally I always found a slight drop in that range favorable. We will see how well that dip is implemented in the Elear. Many headphones peak in that area instead and that is something my young, sensitive ears despise and my wallet...
Definitely, even from the measurements alone
K7XX - X2 - MA900 are all exceptional gaming headphones. Equal grounds technicality wise IMO.
I loved the game bae It gave me bursts of emotions :P
It is on Massdrop now... I am jumping in
Gaming wise and everything else for that matter, real SBX surround > iCAN. iCAN is a great amp though...
Hype for impressions  
Also the MA900 to make that three K7XX is the budget version of the K712 / 702 Anv
The Meze 99 did not wow me personally. I'd be much rather looking at the TH-X00 if choosing between the two
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