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Head-fi is a hilarious place at times
What MLE says. The emitted hiss is constant and less sensitive headphones reduce it quite a bit. And yep, it is a lot better with the 3D but there's still some minor left.... Much less than with Mixamp/Turtle Beach definitely though!
Keep in mind that the 560 is really in-between the 6 and 500, tonality wise. I think with your current setup the 560 would have been a better performer. But YMMV.  
I think it was meant just in terms of minor mods for certain headphones not for different headphones in general.
I had the same Emotiva you have,,, Coupled with the ODAC,,, and comfort... But best of lack regardless. Hope you like it 
Haha lol no ^_^
That hump can make the K612 sound too forward, harsh or sibilant in that region. In my case it did/does, more often than not.
Yep that's 2x money and up what you'd have to spend to get the 6s to perform at their best, compared to 560
I've also just listened to the 560/400i out of a puny Sansa Clip+ and I am quite surprised just how well both performed [especially the 560]! Sure the dynamics are a bit less, balance and evenness is a bit off and the top finesse was lost, but the things I was expecting - a complete lack of bass, blended instruments and soundstage collapse certainly did not happen... I'd say both sounded at about 70% of perfectly driven out of my expensive rig... That's acceptable in a...
Yes, but at what cost? 'Shakes fist'
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