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Anyone want know any online shop can shipped to Malaysia without ridiculous tax and shipping ? Thank you !!!   At my place , headphones were sold with horrible price lol  For eg, UE Triplefi 10 sell ard USD 355 LOL   So, I hope can order from other countries with more affordable price TQ 
Funny thing for me was my younger brother who asked me to avoid Beats hahaha ( Before I was totally don't know anything about headphone stuff )   He introduced me to this site and learned many thing in process !!! BTW your brother are very fortunate that he got a really good brother who 're going to buy him a $300 headphone :D   In my case, all my headphones are bought by myself through doing part time and save my pocket money ( I 'm an uni student but my...
Thank you for replying :D I 'm not really SE215  ><  Maybe SE 215 not suit me hahaha BTW are CKM 99 very bassier ? Cause i 'm really enjoy EXTREME BASSier one :)  How bout JVC HA FXT 90 ? How does it when compared to FXD80 ?
HI Dsnut !!! So , Sony MDR XB 90 EX will be a SUPERB UPGRADE to my CKS 55 !!! I remember you once said CKS 77 is entirely a whole level when compared to CKS 55 Hahaha I quite enjoy my CKS 55 and maybe I 'm still new to IEM world So, I think XB 90 gonna to satisfy even more and I gonna anticipate it ><
Hi everyone !!! I 'm quite a newbie and just into headphone world  I 'm just bought an ATH CKS 55 on August and I'm already impressed with it ( Many didn't hahaha )  So far , I love my CKS 55  and I believe CKS 77 confirm will satisfy me but I would love to try earphone with different sound :D There is a few earphone in my consideration , JVC HA-FXT90L2 , Sony MDR-XB 90 EX , UE 600 and Westone UM1  FXT 90 should be a fun earphone based on many review ( Twin...
Thanks for helping me BTW how to remove the filter ? Is it danger to remove the filter ... hmmm any after-effect ?  
Wow CKS 77 really that good !!! I am really hope I had the budget to buy CKS 77 but it is too exp for me So I already bought CKS 55 but I am quite happy with it too Does CKS 55 really not good ? Is it worth for me to upgrade to cks 77 if I got budget in future ?
Are these headphone nice ? I seldom heard people discuss about it ? Mind to share :D Thank you !!!
I like your idea hahaha and the price some way above XB 700 but lower than XB 1000 !!! I believe it will be a great hit !!!
Awesome review so I will never regret to order XB 700 :) Thank for making me feel that I made a good choice !!!
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