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Thanks for that. But I was thinking of going with a Chinese brand. I'm looking for one of those cheap IEMs/headphones that blow much more expensive ones out of the water.   Oh and I'm looking for deep, rumbling bass with excellent impact. I'm a huge basshead. To give you guys an idea of the bass I'm after, I found the bass on the beats and SE215s (EQed to boost bass) to be very underwhelming. I found the bass on the CX300s to be underwhelming too.   Thanks guys!
What would you guys recommend for someone who's looking for a bass centric headphone/IEM?   I basically looking for something with deep sub-bass which also has lots of impact but remains detailed.   I was thinking of buying the KZ-A1 based on what the first post says, but do you guys have any other suggestions?   I'm looking into either IEMs or a closed back full size headphone.
Alright guys, I've come to realise that I LOVE house music. BUT, the house music I love is all from the late '90s/early 00s, which had me scratching my head since I really don't like modern 'house' music.    Then I came across a post here that said that modern house is basically electro house. It all made sense.   So I'm looking for some recommendations for house music that ISN'T electro house. To give you guys an idea of the kind of sound I like, here are some...
Do you guys have any songs that you love listening to with the 8400s?   I mean EVERYTHING sounds good on these, but anything that really shines?
That's an awesome picture. Listening to some Pink Floyd there in the evening must be awesome. :p
I'm actually pretty surprised tbh. I expected a lot more people to listen at the beach.   Btw I didn't mean going to the beach with friends, I myself think it's pointless to be listening to music when you're out with friends. I meant going to the beach alone, just to listen to music.
Is there any reason why the STAX 4070 hasn't been mentioned here? Am I missing something here?
I think they're very comfy. They're pretty much pushing down on my head when I wear them since I adjusted the headband to the smallest size possible that'd still fit my head and I don't even notice them.   I was actually pretty surprised how well the headphone did Bass I Love You. Wasn't expecting that 30hz rumble to be audible at all tbh.   Oh and one other thing, I noticed a couple of holes on the top of the cups, does that make these semi-open? Or are those...
Who here likes listening to music at the beach?   I personally find sitting on a rock listening to some trance watching the sunset to be an AMAZING experience. How about you guys?
Oh and I realised when I got these that you guys weren't kidding when you said these were uber comfy and light. I mean when I put them on, I forget I'm even wearing them.   Absolutely 0 fatigue btw.   It's a good thing I went with Tyll's graphs. There's no way in hell the Headroom graphs for the 8400s are accurate.   I totally agree with UCLA about getting lost in the music with these. Progressive rock on these is mindblowing.   Edit: If anyone's having...
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