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I have been using an old guitar amp too amp the sound but it does not do the sound quality justice. I found that out by first listening to a song from the amp and then straight from my iPod Classic 5.5g and the amp is just terrible. Please list some affordable amps.   The guitar amp I was using is the  Line 6 Spider III 15 watt
I have still have my first iPod ever (5.5g Classic) and there are minor issues with it (software) but I was wondering if the iPod Classic 7g have better sound quality. I love my 5.5s SQ and I was wondering if the 5.5g is ≥ iPod just looking for an upgrade but if the sq isnt = or greater than the 5.5 i will just stick to it and its not modded or anything     Thanks, :)
The I'm not that worried about bass just sound..will the K550s be good?
I have a question about the AKGs K550... How good are the seal on these HPs? Some people say its perfect but others say its very bad... How big of a head do you have to have to wear these?    Thanks
Then what will?
I want to know if they are good for listening for Techno and alike genres..   Music Preferences Techno Dubstep Chiddy Bang Sammy Adams Mac Miller Matisyahu (One Day) Jack Johnson Foster The People Franz Ferdinand The Beatles Gorillaz Classic Rock and some Post-Hardcore     Thanks 
Does a FiiO E17 do much change for the Ultrasone HFI-780s? Should I get the E17 with my 780s or wait?
Hi, I was wondering which pair of headphones I should get.  M50s Or HFI 780s   Sound 1/10   Bass 1/10   Comfortable 1/10   Portability 1/10   I will be using FiiO E17 with the headphones too. Will that make much of a difference? And something else.. I heard the HFI 780s were a V sounding blah blah.. What does V mean and is V bad? And what other letters are there to describe sound?   Genre/Artists I will be listening...
Here is a website that have white, pink and brown noise
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