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Yes the DAC is a factor     If you guys think the UHA-4 is worth it over the E17 ill go that route then. I notice on their page they have options for different op-amps. what one do you think i should get there?
They would be better than none at all though no?
Well they sure seem to like it haha, i have a $50 gift card so i can get it for only $89 and change, seems like a good deal to me. I get an amp and DAC in 1 portable unit (i like that its pretty small)   edit: 30mw going to be enough for my HD 650s? (i see the e17 lists 30mW (300Ω Loaded))
You mention the E11 has a better amp than the E7, but how does it compare to the E17? (id prefer to stick to something i can nab from amazon as i have a gift card for there haha)
Hi all, Just upgraded from my HD 555's to some HD 650's and for the most part they are hooked to my Onkyo 806 reciever but on occasion I do hook them to a portable device (ipod, laptop, my cell phone) so i wanted to pick up a portable amp for those times. If i could get something good for my headphones for under $100 thats great but i would go up to $200 if needed.     The FiiO E7 and E17s looked decent but im open to suggestions of others.
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