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Well, it is directy connected to the soundard. I'm using Sennheiser HD439 (32ohm impedance). Using advanced limiter fixed the problem, no more fluctations but distortions. I can manage a level where nothing distorts and all fine. Just wanted an easy way to do it but i suppose i should do it manually like you say.
HI! I've a soundcard which can produces. maximum 98 db sound And some of my flac musics can't hit the 98 db, so they are quiet. Like classical music or 24bit 96khz vinyl albums. I use replaygain but if I use it more than the song needs, fluctations happen. I want the perfect setting, in which the loudest part of the song is 98 db, and there should be no fluctation. How can I manage to do that?
1)BEFORE REPLAYGAIN   2)REPLAYGAIN SETTINGS (SCAN PER FILE) 3)AFTER APPLYING REPLAYGAIN     After replaygain the grey bar doesn't even reach %75. I want my songs to have the loudest peak as possible like i said.  
Well, I've scanned Dream Theater's newest album as you said. Used replaygain, it normalized the song but now the grey bar never reaches the top? And the song is much quieter.
So, I've a alc269 soundcard and it's peak is 98 db. I have a FLAC archive and some songs don't even full the volume bar. (meaning can't achive 98db peak?)   like that? So I want all my flac files to have 98db peak level, use the full potential of my sound card. Please do help and save me from buying an amp :)
So, normalization makes the quiet parts of the song louder, so it sucks. and ReplayGain just increases the overall volume, and doesn't make any kind of "waving"? All the parts of the song gain the same amount of volume? so it is better ? :)
Hey, the depth of the HD-439's ear-pads is low and when I boost the headphone, the drivers touch my ear. I've tried putting cable under the pads but I want a long-term solution. Changing the Ear-Pads maybe? Do HD 4xx series have another pad that has more depth? Maybe 449's pleather pads?
You mean by rattling that the drivers touch your ears? If so, I have the exact problem and i fix it (for now) by putting cable under the pads.  Now I'm waiting information from the supplier, if there is a pad with higher depth from 4xx series i will buy it.
What about vibration? Since I like listening to metal, I can't amp the phones. The drivers just go mad, especially the left one.
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