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Hmmm, schoolboy error on my part! It works much better when set up correctly
Full set of Vorzugge Pure and AK100 for sale, with a few other items chucked in (Black Dignis AK100 case, blue carry case, iConnector etc) Both items in conservative 90%+ condition, very light use.  I have an AK120 and I've been meaning to sell for ages, just haven't had the time until now. There is sticky back velcro on the amp and on the Dignis case - this makes a very compact and secure fastening and offers some protection. I'd prefer to sell them together and I'd...
Hi kerrys30   Regarding your point:   AK120+AMP+SE535s=even clearer sound   I was asked about how the AK120 fares vs the AK100/Vorzugge Pure in a private message (I have both)   For the direct comparison I found this:  I finally got around to comparing the AK100/Pure vs the AK120. In a nutshell; the 120 sounds better overall; the main differences I hear are initially that it's brighter, which it is, but there is a lot more detail and ambiance too....
Hi Heyyeh    Agreed, it's a right royal pain in the arse and certainly not what I expect from and expensive item like this.  I spoke to Jaben HK last week and they said they would contact iRiver about it - I haven't had the chance to follow up on the issue, but I will and will update here.   I expect I'll have two options - live with it for now, or wait for the next batch to arrive from Korea.  Very frustrating!   regards Andy
And, if all there is to gripe about is the case, it suggests the product itself is sound! (Reaches for player to restart.....) ... And this roll of the SD card lottery gives - No SD cards... See you soon! (Restart) ... this roll of the SD card lottery gives - Two SD cards both with music, bingo! (Ad infinitum) Looks like mine is going back to be replaced
Double post, soz
Oh yes, AK100/Pure/334s sounds great and I was (and remain) hugely impressed with each and the set (rig) Having gone iPhone 4 then 5 with the Pure (FLAC player) the above setup was more compact and looked really cool, but was still a faff to carry around - sadly, life is full of compromises and for me, convenience is important. Hence the AK120 is a positive step up, even in brown ;-)
The cards are 64gb Kingston - they worked (and work - I checked) just fine in my AK100. I tried rebooting and even a factory reset but the problem remains I'm afraid. I noticed one of the firmware updates on the AK100 mentioned fixing card reading issues, but then I'd have thought this would have been inc in V1 for the '120... I've been in touch with Jaben and they're going to contact A&K about it - maybe I just have a dud one. As for the brown case, I cannot like it ;-)...
Hi audionewbi, Have you had any problems with your AK120 recognising the SD cards? Mine intermittently drops them ie on booting one time it will see both and all the tracks, the next it might register one or neither - very frustrating Other than that, I think it's a great player - a significant, albeit expensive, improvement on the AK100 - I really don't like the brown case though! Thanks Andy
I must be getting old; I reckon mine's been pretty much perfect ever since day one.  I think I've have learned to appreciate it more, but I cannot say I noticed it getting better.   I still find it astonishing quality and I'm still delighted with it!
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