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I believe they are using their own way of doing usb audio so that the device can charge while outputting digital, the same way apple does, the way I have things working the N7 is powering the DAC thus there is no way to charge the tablet while playing digital music
Its working with analog and digital out of the mirco2 into a yamaha receiever, and yes that is the thread but I'm not sure if he has posted V3 of the kernel yet but I the link I posted will take you to it!
USB audio is working using a custom kernel on the NEXUS 7, I've only tired with an Advantage Micro 2 and it only works when you boot the device with it connected but that should be fixed soon so that it switches over automatically.  If anyone wants to try it out here is the link  The guy who did it goes by Poitee on, send some donations his way if this helps you out!
  I have read that the Galaxy SIII doesn't work with the e17 either but works with the e7, so that may not be an issue on the device side.  I now have digital out of the Micro 2 working, again only when the N7 is connected before booting, hopefully it will be fixed soon so that when the DAC is connected the N7 automatically switches over to USB and back when disconnected.  
I don't get the USB notification either.  Only working when I boot OTG and Micro 2 plugged in, and I have to use analog out of the Micro 2, but hey its a start!
any sound yet, and does the usb logo pop up in the notifications?
FYI mine is only working when I boot the device with the OTG cable already plugged in and the Micro 2 plugged into the OTG cable.  If you boot without them plugged in then its not switching over.  Its a work in progress that I asked the guy to try and this is his first attempt
USB audio is working for me using a custom kernel and Micro II.  Here is a link if you wanna try it out, I'd like to know what DAC's it works with....
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