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PM Sent
Sent a couple PMs
Do you still have this unit for sale?
Sent you a PM was interested in the Peachtree X-1. Give me a call left you my number
Congrats on your purchase.  You don't have too, but I think it helps out alot with these. I have the Headstage Arrow 3G and it really brings out the lower end.  Love still.
have them custom painted White. You can also do a white cable change via removable mod.
Looking to purchase a Headphonia USB DAC Cable.  Link to what i'm looking for: - USB DAC Cable with 3.5mm Mini Plug 75cm (30'')   Please email me at or call 405-417-4277 to let me know your asking price.   Thanks, Tim
You need to burn these in.  The longer they are played the better they keep sounding. I was like you at first. but once I put that Headstage Arrow to them they just hit right where it's needed.
Although that may be good on the K550s. You also need to listen to the Eagles Hotel California on the K550's.  You will hear things you never heard before. It's like a magical orgasm.
Congrats on your purchase. I'm sure you will love them.   I did the same thing your doing had them playing for about 72hrs straight on my iPod Classic 7G.  I also have an iPod Touch and got an burn-in app called audio sizzler and used that to burn them in. There is a post on the forum about it.  I love my K550's.
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