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I meant to update this thread saying that someone sent me that link but thanks.
Does anybody know of any stores that will ship this to Canada (I can't find anything on Google)? I can't find any Canadian stores that carry it, and all the American stores won't ship it here. If it's not possible or the price isn't reasonable, could someone recommend an alternative? I'm ordering the HD 600 and the O2 amp, if that helps. I'd appreciate any help.
Thanks for your help. I'm willing to consider the HD 650s if they're significantly better than anything else in my current price range.
The cheapest I can find the HD 650 to Canada is $485, after shipping, tax and custom fees. I doubt I could get an amp worthy of those headphone with $115. I can't even find a store that'll ship the HiFiMan headphones to Canada, but I'm not even sure if they'd be within my budget either.
First of all, I started a new thread before I saw this post, sorry about that. My HD 555 headphones broke after 4 years of use, and I've decided to upgrade to actual audiophile equipment. My budget is about $600, not including shipping/tax. I am Canadian, so custom fees could be a problem. I'm looking for headphones that are good for classic/progressive rock, metal and gaming. I don't listen to a lot of metal (mostly just Dream Theater, Metallica, Iron Maiden and...
That's a huge drop in price compared to the 600 ohm version. Is there a huge difference between the two? Edit: I just realized my original post wasn't that clear. My total budget is about $600.
I'm looking for some new headphones that would be good for these genres in the $300 range (not including tax/shipping). I've been using the HD 555s for about 4 years, but the headband has recently fallen apart, and I've decided to upgrade to some actual hi-fi gear instead of getting them repaired. Usage is about 60% music and 40% games. I'd like headphones with a decent soundstage for games, but I don't play competitively, so it doesn't have to be amazing if it means...
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