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Disappointing that Sandisk went and fixed something that was not broken. You have to wonder why they wouldn't keep the hardware the same. Like a lot of people I won't consider this without Rockbox support.    
I bought a 300 GB USB drive several years ago for something like 40 bucks. With nearly 700 full albums on it in FLAC level 0 (largest file size) saved, I still have another 40 GB left. And you can get 500 GB drives for roughly the same price now.   I keep my music "archive" on that drive, with everything backed up to writable DVD's. and a 64 GB card with everything duplicated in lossyFLAC for my portable.
Thanks for this info on the DAC chip, very helpful. One question about the Hifimediy, if I want to plug my headphone directly into that, do I still have the benefit of the tone control/EQ from my computer? Or is that defeated? Thanks.
I didn't say anything of the sort; I am simply exploring the options. Sorry for not falling all over myself in gratitude for your suggestions, but it's nothing personal. And yes, all things being equal, I would prefer to spend a little more to get what I want. If you have a problem with that, I would kindly suggest you refrain from posting on message boards about audio equipment or you might blow out a brain cell trying to comprehend why so many poor simpletons are wasting...
It has nothing to do with being snobbish, I am no cable snob. I don't even have "expensive" cables on my system in the den which ran into the $10,000 range. I just don't see why I should have to buy another cable when I already have perfectly good ones sitting around collecting dust.
I understand how the thing works. I just don't want to have a cheap splitter going between the two. I already have nice interconnects, I'd rather use one of those.
How so? Looking at pics of that, it has one line out jack. My amp has two jacks for input (left and right). So I absolutely WOULD have to have a splitter. The Fiio E9 does have L/R output, I'll look into that one.
MusicBee does it very easily. All you have to do is open the cue sheet into the now playing list, highlight all files and convert to the codec you want.
What about something like this> http://www.itemaudio.co.uk/prestashop/headphone-amplifiers/29-fostex-pc-100.html   I just like the idea of not having to introduce a y-splitter into the equation.
See other threads asking about 2.1 desktop setups but my questions are a little different. Basically I know very little about computer hardware so bear with me.....   What I have right now is an Audiosource AMP-100, a pair of Advent Minis, a homebuilt subwoofer and an external hard drive that holds all my music.   What I am hoping to do is find a older/barebones/dirt-cheap desktop - something along these lines perhaps...
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