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I've finally managed to use my 16gb class 4 card with the rocoo.
the problem that i encountered was similar but not exactly the same and i was using rocoo p and not studio.   The first time i used my 16gb microSD card, my unit 'hanged' and failed to finish the 'CMI initialization ..' process.  After a reset, my unit can't recognize anymore the contents of whatever card i inset.  I always get a bunch of 'unknown' folders and artist folders but with no files inside those.  Did a reset a number of times and reformatting of microSD cards...
encountered the same problem.. connect the unit to the computer, then delete the 'system' folder and then unplug and restart the rocoo.   That should work. 
Bro dyaems,   it worked :-) thanks.   with your studio, were you able to successfully use 16gb cards (class4)?  i read somewhere that the rocoo player requires class 6 cards.  I'm not sure if this is accurate.   Thanks again.
Hi Sauntere,   Thanks.  I read the firmware installation instructions and because some of the material is in Chinese (i'm from the Philippines btw) like the screen shots, i am not sure i want to do this.  I think i may have to do it if that's the only solution but first i'll try to go back to the dealer and see if they can do it for me.   Thanks for your inputs.
Hi everyone,   This is my first post on head-fi.  I've been having problems with my Rocoo P DAP.  Essentially my unit which has the default latest firmware can't read the contents of my microSD cards.  It was fine yesterday reading my 8gb microSD but then i decided to try out my 16Gb card and that caused my unit to hang (in 'initializing CMI' for 5+ minutes) so i decided to do  a reset.  After that reset, the unit can't read any of my cards including the 8GB card. ...
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