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  You got me there! I thought that my collection was quite eclectic! 
Love these threads. If only I could find an IEM that is actually conforms to my ear (can't afford a custom mold)!
How do these compare with the RE-262? Would it be worth it to shell out the $99 and use one for exercising? Also, how does the comfort compare with the RE-262? My ear canals don't mesh well with most IEMs, including my beloved RE-262. Wish I could get a more comfortable fit, but my ears hurt like hell after an hour with them, and I've tried every possible set up!
I always keep the volume on my laptop maxed out when it is connected to an amplifier, or my TV, etc. I do this solely for the fact that when I do plug in an external device that bypasses my laptops circuitry, it automatically maxes out the volume (and when I turn it down, I don't notice any difference in sound quality...other than the fact that I have to turn the volume knob on my amplifier up!). 
1) ATH-W1000x 2) ATH-ESW9 3) RE-262 4) ATH-EW9
  Well said. This post made me change my tune...ignore my previous posts. I still want to participate, but rather than being selfish I'm keeping an open mind this time! I'll communicate my like's and dislike's to my partner, without making them feel like the process of exchanging a gift with me is just a huge burden rather than something fun. I don't want that. And also, I have no problem buying a new CD/vinyl for someone, and I'd also be willing to give someone a used LP...
Yes, there are a couple of genres I cannot get in to...and I fear that will happen. I'm a creature of habit, too. I listen to them same thing over and over...and over. Though this typically applies while I'm going to bed (Enya playlist, anyone?). Of course, I don't use my turntable for that!  But to each his own. I would hate to be one of those people who has to request that the gifter allow me to return an item they graciously sent me because I really didn't like it....
I apologize, but something has come up and I won't be able to attend this year. 
I'll take it
What accessories come with the w1000x? And when was it originally purchased?
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