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Went out and got a pair of HD280 Pros, it didn't work out....   I have a large head, with the 280 in their largest setting, they were painful.  Throbbing and headaches... returned promptly.  Do all the sennheisers fit the same?   What about AKG Q701? Seems similar to an HD558
hmm.... the more I think about it, maybe I should hold onto the AD700s and pick something out with more music listening in mind.  The AD700s are just outstanding in skyrim and other games.  Why mess with them?   What bugs me about the AD700s is listening to hard rock.  When I put on some Foo Fighters.... they get confused, the bass (EQ'd up) takes over, and seems to almost momentarily stop everything else (bleeds?).    My music preference: Foo Fighters are my favorite,...
I do have the option to buy amazon gift cards at best buy. Worth haveing both the ad700 and the hd558s?
I've had my ATH-AD700 for a couple years now.  I use the mostly for PC gaming with my Asus Xonar DG for dolby (when applicable) and eq'ing.  I do listen to some music on them, but most of my music is heard through IEMs/iPod at work or on travel. I Think the AD700 sound very nice with the bottom end ramped up from slightly starting at 250hz to up 10db at 30hz.  Not that I'm a bass head, but I enjoy impact and bass extension.  They also sound great without the eq on...
  just updated to linux 12.10.... not a unity fan.  Decided to switch to linux mint MATE to show gnome 2 some love
I was kinda thinking the same thing......   No matter what i do to fix it in a music player it wont translate to my HT...   What about a pair of aurvana lives?  
Windows media player which seems to be awful. Poweramp on my droid better.....
Heres some stuff i like the sound of   my home theater setup is the following: Polk CS2 Polk Monitor 40s Polk Monitor 30s JBL EP250 sub   Car audio: Alpine SPR-60C 6.5in components Pioneer Stereo Amp 125rms to each alpine component Pioneer premier something or other deck   IEMs: Meelectronics M6 (with foam in the ear tubes to kill some sibilance)   I am a recovering basshead..... I like the m6 but the bass can be fatiguing  
I just got a pair of AD700 for gaming/movies/music (1/3, 1/3, 1/3)....   They don't sound natural to me.  They sound hollow in gaming and music.  In music and movies female vocals/voice are harsh and stand out, its kind of distracting.  I think i prefer a warmer tone.   Can I fix this with EQing or letting them burn in.  No matter how i EQ they just sound worse.   Sources are laptop, desktop, android, all with mediocre sound and a Pioneer 5.1...
nailed it!  Sub bass is greatly improved.  These now sound all around better then the bass freq.  Lost a bit of detail, but its a great trade off!
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