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You guys and your impressions are killing me!  I ordered my rockets for a series of long trips this summer and am about to come up on my last one, sans good iems.  I guess being backer #18 wasn't quite quick enough since I had to go with non-standard colors.
 Right now all we have to go on is the test videos of the Rockets and their warranty - I'll give you that.  It doesn't take long to find multiple reviews on the RHA's to find people with cable issues though (granted not a ton, but they are still there).  As much as I have loved my Sure e3c's and other more moderately priced iem's it seems as though eventually it always comes down to one ear not working.  I hope 5 years from now we can all say we have used and abused our...
 I wouldn't confuse heft with build quality.  From what we've seen on Rockets they are likely to be the most durable IEM on the market at any price point. Audio wise though, I look forward to a lot more folks getting these and seeing comparisons with more iems in the $250-$350+ range.  It seems like right now the direct comparisons are to much cheaper iems than the Rockets will actually cost once released to the public.
Did you do black and gold?  I am still waiting and I was backer 17 or 18
Joe are you using the HQ or standard driver on the V4A install?  Do you find it makes a big difference in SQ or battery life?
Question for those of you who have them already, based on Dale's recent update, are you seating them in the "casual" or "deep" configuration?   I will be going for maximum isolation on these on airplane rides, so I'm curious to see how much better the isolation and bass are when worn deeper in the ear with the smaller tips.
I was one of the early supersteal orders and mine haven't shipped yet, so I wouldn't get too anxious.
All these reviews are making me really want mine to ship!  I guess the gold finish with black cables is last on the production schedule.
 I'm starting to wonder about the mic versions though --- seems like those are still going to be months away.
yeah, not gonna forget about three pairs of IEMs I've paid for
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