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 cool.  ordered
 85 dollars or 45?
The casing fell apart on my ue200's, my mono prices had a water intrusion from sweat, my sony xb60's had the same thing happen.  I also had a pair of fx101's that died too.  I generally buy cheaper IEMs for the gym but am willing to pay more if they aren't going to die... I had a pair of beats tour(got them for free from monster) that had a cord fray on them.  I guess I should state the sony's were the only ones that I purchased recently. 
I haven't read this entire thread but to the people who are having/had fit issues, are they able to wear other westone products?   I had a pair of w3s that fit me fine but I wouldn't dare work out in them.  I've destroyed 4 pairs of headphones in the past few weeks that I work out in. 
thanks for the a151 link.  
I've always wondered what goes through the mind of people that build DB drag cars.  
thanks for that.  
audio affair. 
please post when you get the mdr1's 
have you looked at the basshead thread in the lounge?  i'd start there. 
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