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Where did you get the velour pieces, if you don't mind me asking? Did you notice a difference to the tissue paper, or just purely for durability purposes?   I'd really like to change the cable, but I don't have a soldering iron.. a nice Mogami straight cable and I think these headphones really would be perfect. Maybe some day!
Just did the tissue paper mod, along with adding some DT770 earpads and a Fiio E17 amp. WOW. The difference is night and day.   Amazing soundstage, I was actually a little surprised. Before, to me they sounded quite similar to the HD25's in that they were a little closed/boxed in. Now, they sound very airy and open. The bass is still really tight, detailed and controlled. The slight treble spike from the DT770 pads has been countered by the tissue paper mod (which...
Good stuff, thanks!
Just bought a pair of 'Behringer B2031A Truth 2' monitors:   http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000MJ7AA2/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00   I know they're not the best, but really they're just for creating electronic music as a hobby, so didn't feel the need to splash out....yet. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I'm buying the right cable to connect this to my Macbook.   3.5mm Stereo TRS Jack to Dual 6.5mm 1/4" Jack Cable...
  Awesome, thanks. Do you think the Comply T400's would compliment the sound signature? How is the bass on them? I'm still in two minds about these earphones really, do you think there is a better option for a similar price? Maybe in the $250-300 range? Again, I know it's a really subjective question, but any suggestions would be great.
  Ah okay, well any info on them would be a great help! I'm kind of disappointed (From that I can see in the pics) that there isn't a skip track button, like there is on the 980i's. Suppose you can't have everything!
Are we talking about these? Apparently they're already out, or is it a different version you're both referring to?   http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser-Phones-Integrated-Volume-Control/dp/B009ES68P0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1350600557&sr=8-1   If those are the ones you're talking about, how do they compare to the 980's?   Care to give a brief overview KJ? Would be massively appreciated!
Yeah I was just looking at the IE80's, they sound really good, but stretching my budget to the max! Realistically looking for something on the lower end of £200, i.e £150-200.   Recently sent back some Bowers & Wilkins C5's, absolutely loved the bass on them, but couldn't get on with the design. Really uncomfortable after a while. Also went through a pair of Klipsch X10's, but they sounded a little weak to me. I'm back to my Soundmagic E10's at the moment, which are...
  Thanks for the reply. I'm after a pair of in ears that have minimal sound leak, and a really comfortable fit. (Although, I have a set of Comply T-400's, so the comfort of the earbuds isn't too important) As for the sound, I like a nice strong, tight bass, good mids, and the treble not to be too harsh.   Mainly listen to electronic, but also listen to a lot of alternative and indie-rock (Radiohead, Brand New, Minus the Bear etc)   Any suggestions? Willing to spend around...
Had my eye on these for the last few days, and seem to be a good choice for the £100-200 range.   Does anyone have an opinion on these?   I know it's a very subjective question, but is there anything better for the price?   Thanks in advance!
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