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Avoid because of bad communication, or because there is a possibility of getting fake headphones?
Yeah. I know this post is old, but I wonder the same thing. Budget DIY cable for HD650... Anyone to reply to the first post?
Hey thanks for the links and info, but I really got into an idea of doing a couple of DIY projects now! I created a new topic for it and here it is:   If anyone can help me there it would be great! Thanks for the input here! Greatly appreciated...
Hello! I'll try to keep it short and organized!   I'll be in the store next week trying Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO vs DT 990 PRO (both 250 Ohms) and purchase. Also getting FiiO E11 or E17.   I really got into idea of making the cord and accessories myself as a DIY projects..   My budget isn't huge it, but the whole fun part is the fun part + I really don't want to be walking around with Beyerdynamic's 9.5 feet long cord. I don't really care that it isn't...
Thanks, but there is nothing close to my budget that they sell on their website.   Anyways, I am kind of thinking of making one? Anyone knows if there are any special skills one needs to have?
Thanks for the replies.   I checked both and I really like this one.   A goal of upgrade is to shorten the cord from 10' to 4' to make DT770 Pro / DT880 Pro /or DT990 Pro (still deciding on headphones) more portable.    Anyways. This is some kind of "patch" cable, but I like the length and color option. Is this a decent cable to use?   Is this a right kind of cable?
Thanks. Anyone else?
Anyone? =/
Thanks for a great reply and everyone else as well!   I am not sure how conversation went into DT990, I was only looking at DT770 and DT880, but anyways =)   I am kind of leaning towards this variations:   a) DT 770 250 Ohms + FiiO E11 b) DT 770 80 Ohms + DigiZoid ZO2 c) DT 770 80 Ohms   Now if different people have different opinions on driving DT 770/880 250 Ohms straight from iPhone, then 80 Ohms would need amps at all I would imagine?   I kind of went for the better...
Anyone else can put in to answer the questions?
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