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Thanks maltronics, that helped me quite a bit! I might still go back to the store where I bought the DFB to compare it to another unit. To check if this is just the way the DFB is designed, or that it is my unit specifically that is very loud.
Thanks for the reference! It's weird, because I would expect the DragonFly Black to approximate the volume controls on my Mac, but instead it feels like I can only switch from mute to full power in the space of just 1 press on volume up (even in Audirvana Plus).Could it be that I am missing a setting on my MacBook Pro (late 2013, 13 inch retina running on El Capitan)?
I just picked up the Black and have plugged it into my MacBook Pro. While I like the sound, it is ridiculously loud through all my headphones and IEMs. Does anyone else have this problem? It's too loud even at the lowest regular volume setting in Mac OS. Is there a way to use the Dragonfly's internal volume control on the Mac (or is this not the problem)?
To be honest I can't remember if the Olives change the isolation quality of the HF5's, because I have been using them for about two years now. But they block out enough sound for me to get lost in music in e.g. a busy train. And colleagues still have to either be in my line of sight or tap me on the shoulder before I notice they need me, even when I have the volume on low.
As an alternative to the Shure SE215, I can recommend the Etymotic HF5's. I bought them about three years ago when I started working on my master thesis. I chose the Ety's mostly because they isolate me very well from outside sounds, but also to make sure I wouldn't bother anyone around me with my music. And they do a great job at both, even at higher volumes. I've been using them pretty much daily in the past three years (I have since replaced the tips with Shure Olives...
Sennheiser HD202: was looking for just a simple computer headphone, but all that comes out is bass. No mids, no treble.
Trying is knowing. Pulling the velours back to behind the plastic holder ring and fixating it again with glue and/or a couple of stitches may indeed be the solution. Do pull off the ear pads before you start glueing of course.
You can replace the earpads easily yourself, although you will need a set of new earpads.   I'm not sure where you're located, but you can look on for example Amazon for a set of new earpads:   To remove the worn out earpads you simply put your fingers behind them and pull them out. It probably takes a bit more force than you'd be comfortable with (and make...
Great to see the DT880s pair well with the Maverick A1!I'm still greatly enjoying them with my FiiO E10.
The 24/88 version of Daft Punk's new Get Lucky.   YouTube version of the song:
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