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Sennheiser HD202: was looking for just a simple computer headphone, but all that comes out is bass. No mids, no treble.
Trying is knowing. Pulling the velours back to behind the plastic holder ring and fixating it again with glue and/or a couple of stitches may indeed be the solution. Do pull off the ear pads before you start glueing of course.
You can replace the earpads easily yourself, although you will need a set of new earpads.   I'm not sure where you're located, but you can look on for example Amazon for a set of new earpads:   To remove the worn out earpads you simply put your fingers behind them and pull them out. It probably takes a bit more force than you'd be comfortable with (and make...
Great to see the DT880s pair well with the Maverick A1!I'm still greatly enjoying them with my FiiO E10.
The 24/88 version of Daft Punk's new Get Lucky.   YouTube version of the song:
On the one hand, you can extrapolate your thoughts on hi-fi to virtually everything in life, to seemingly depressing extremes even. Why would people drive a Jaguar if a Dacia will just as well get them from A to B? Does caviar really fill your stomach more than a slice of bread? Why buy a €200 pair of jeans if you can have a pair for €25? Who needs a big house if a trailer will also protect you from the elements? Does cheap vodka not get you drunk faster than an...
The Porta Pro's were my start too!
I don't think they're that different in power. The E10 can power my DT880s on most songs at about 75% volume, on low gain. Sometimes I use 100%, but never had the need for high gain. The E10 is 150 mW, the E6 100 mW.
Hi Trunks, I have both the HD598 and the 250 ohm DT880, and although I have owned the DT880s for only two weeks now I find them to be more engaging, and slightly more comfortable. I'm using both relatively unamped/underamped as well, with a FiiO E10.
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