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I think I would avoid a $200 DAC/AMP combo. Maybe a cheaper DAC/AMP, such as the Audioquest Dragonfly could do the trick for the time being and then could be used as a DAC only and the amp ugraded through a discrete unit. Maybe you could look at the Schiit line: a Magni/Modi or a Vali/Modi stack would do the trick.
Many thanks, you saved me the frustration. Would you know of any ebay.de seller in particular?
PM sent.
Thanks! I have seen some cheaper (~50% off) at ebay. Has anyone tried them?
I have found a deal on a pair of used (most probably older version) HD650. I mostly listen to Jazz (piano trios and female voices) and some classic rock. Should I proceed with the buy? Has anyone experimented with non-Sennheiser earpads? Any suggestions (I will have to replace those). Many thanks!
Many thanks for all the replies. I think the HE-400 is the way to go. Speakerwise, I prefer a slightly analytical voicing (I own a pair of Audio Physic Virgos), so most probably the HE-400 would make a better choice. As already noted, maybe I should get both, or maybe an HE-300 and an HE-400? What about amplification and DAC? Do you think a Schiit Vali/Modi stack would make a good choice?
Which of the two is better suited to jazz (mostly piano trios and female voices)? Many thanks!
Thanks, I am aware of the thread and have been using it to build my short list. Unfortunately many of the headphones are out of reach and some others, including the Fidelio, missing.  Thank you, that is encouraging! I have found a pair of used Fidelios at an interesting price and they really look comfortable, so I would have really liked them to be Jazz-compatible!
  Many thanks for the replies. Unfortunately the Audio Technicas are out of reach. Maybe if I overstretched the budget (by postponing the purchase of an amp/dac), I could get the HE400, the HD650, or the Mad Dogs. Do you think any of those would make a better choice?
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