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Still available!
Pm sent!
 Thank's! I too thought the price was good, but not that good!
That's great, thanks. I remember seeing the "Made in Ireland" tag.
Could I re-introduce the X-Can V8/Sennheiser HD650 pairing? I have just bought a pair of HD650s and was offered a really low priced (200 euro) X-Can V8+X PSU combo. From what I have been reading maybe the setup may not be be ideal since the sonic character of the two is too similar. Would tube-rolling tailor the sound? Many thanks!
Thanks for the reply. I am not sure I have seen those tabs. I will check them out as soon as I get home. If only they were a bit cheaper!
At last I received my used HD650s. They are the older revision and badly need earpads and a new earband, but other than that they are excellent. I hooked them up to a Micromega Myzic/Mydac combo that I got on loan and the sound is excellent. I have been reading about the treatment female voices get, but was not prepared for what I heard. I am really happy with my choice! Today I will be trying them out with the Musical Fidelity X-Can V8+X-PSU (I believe the Myzic was not...
Thank you all for the useful input. Has anyone directly compared the Bottlehead to the La Figaro 336C. I read a review on headfonia and they seem to be pretty close quality-wise, albeit with a different character.
Thanks for the suggestion. 300€ is already a stretch (my comfort zone is ~250€). The audiolab I have found locally, thus would be saving on shipping costs, plus is a combo unit. I wish I could afford the Crack, especially that one.This is a great suggestion. Actually leaving Greece would make a lot of sense, not just audio-wise! As far as I know there is no return policy whatsoever, so I will just have to rely on reviews and opinions.
May I have some help on amping? I will be receiving my HD650s soon and I am trying to decide on the amp. I mostly listen to jazz and some classic rock. My budget is approximately 300 euro and since I live in Europe, I have limited access to the Schit Lyr and the Bottlehead Crack which would make the obvious choice. My plan is to get the amp first and then get a DAC as well.  So here are my options: i) Musical Fidelity X-Can V8+X-PSU (used and rather cheap, ~200...
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