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Hi serman005. Many thanks for the input. The 400s were the ones I had shortlisted, need to edit my post. I don't mind getting them used, thus they should be comfortably within my budget. Do you think they would be a better choice than a pair of higher end In-ear monitors, e.g. the Shure 535s? Please keep in mind that this rig will be used indoors, thus the size and isolation are not really important parameters.
Hello headfiers! I would like to upgrade my semi-portable rig consisting of the Geek out 100 and the Shure E500. Given the age of the earphones, I was thinking that I should start (and maybe end) with those. My budget is 250€ (could be stretched a bit) and I am open to any suggestion (in-ear, on-ear, open, closed, new, used etc) as long as it is within the budget and fits the bill sonically. I mostly listen to jazz (piano trios get the lion's' share) but I also enjoy...
Up for sale is my Bottlehead Crack, with Speedball upgrade. I have assembled it ~2 years ago, but has not seen much use. It is still on stock tubes and sounds really nice with my HD650s. Please note it is the 230V version. Will be posting pictures soon. Thanks for looking!
Still available!
Pm sent!
 Thank's! I too thought the price was good, but not that good!
That's great, thanks. I remember seeing the "Made in Ireland" tag.
Could I re-introduce the X-Can V8/Sennheiser HD650 pairing? I have just bought a pair of HD650s and was offered a really low priced (200 euro) X-Can V8+X PSU combo. From what I have been reading maybe the setup may not be be ideal since the sonic character of the two is too similar. Would tube-rolling tailor the sound? Many thanks!
Thanks for the reply. I am not sure I have seen those tabs. I will check them out as soon as I get home. If only they were a bit cheaper!
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