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I'm just waiting for someone to get both so they can compare them.. if that will ever happen lmao
philips not jvc 
Has anyone got both the tenore and the basso?
Where can i buy these? Ebay?
more or less bass than the yamaha's?
Joker what iem would you say has a similar sound signature with the mh1c but with a better cable and 50$?
Jvc fxd60/70/80 fr graphs are up: http://rinchoi.blogspot.com/2013/05/jvc-ha-fxd60-fxd70-fxd80-nanotube.html From the looks of it the 60 and 80 look like they sound pretty much the same.
I like flat cables but hate j cord
@streetdragon no executive? What's your opinion on the mixr?
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