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I don't see what's wrong with headphones being fashion accesories. Just think of them as a 1000$ rolex or even a 110$ gshock. Nobody gets mad at them for pricing a watch that does what 5$ watches do for way more money.
You guys do realize that some people would sacrifice detail for bass right? And every other headphone model recommended over them usually look terrible or alright but not good (vmoda m80). Plus the combination of portability and a detachable cable is great.
Out of the mixr and the dna which has more bass/better bass quality and is the mixr's mid:treble ratio v-shaped, neutral, or dark?
What are the one's on the left?
Joker, I'm interested in seeing how much better (or worse ) the executives are compared to the studios (no I don't plan on buying them I just want to see how much beats is improving as a company).
You should review the monster dna. Imo it's better than the vmoda m80 
It seems Apple has revised their 70$ iem in september along with the release of the iphone 5 and earpods. The fr graph looks amazing. It's incredibly linear with about 9 db of boosted bass (fr can be found in this link btw this what the old one looked like 
According to this an impedance adapter should be bad for the a161p
So they sound better?
You should send them to rinchoi (udauda on headfi) so he can measure them
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