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It's a re400 with less treble    
Also do they have decent stock tips because i don't have any extras? Then again they are only $15 so i could get some sony hybrids if needed
Joker what would you recommend as a very bassy (but still good sq) ~20$ iem preferably through amazon? I've been thinking about the she3580 but i'm worried since i would also use these iems for running (mostly just walking from place to place though) and wear my iems cable down that the microphonics would be too much? I listen at 85-90db.
How's the bass quantity (sub and mid) of the 2013 studios in comparison to the momentums?
So is there a bass quantity difference between the new and old?
I'm genuinely impressed. If only I had $300 -.- lol
hows the bass quantity/quality?
I hope these are as bassy as the studio but with the mids and highs better quality
get the new 2013 nexus 7. way better than the ipad mini 
beats have more bass
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