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beats studios bass
I actually think the new studios are worse because of less bass. I still have yet to find a headphone with similar bass quantity and good looks for a lower price.
how are the she3580s?
The new ones are worse because of less bass
How would you rate the sound if it was in your iem thread?
 This isn't using the same compensation that speakers use (Do speakers even use a compensation?). It just emulates a flat loudspeaker in a headphone which is what artists record with.
Innerfidelity uses a weird compensation for their graphs. This is more accurate compared to a flat loudspeaker which is what artists use BTW the dip at 4.5khz is nullified by the time delay.
Joker what would you suggest as an upgrade to the fx101 keeping similar bass response? Doesn't matter if it loses or keeps it's bright treble.
I actually prefer this "new dubstep" to what you just posted
much dumber looking though
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