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Does he listen to rap/dubstep Still plastic tho.
I know, I was saying many people have told me (and many youtubers) they changed the solo's sound along with the matte color change
I heard the new matte solo hd's changed their sound as well. It's kinda funny when you think about people saying the matte ones sound better than the glossy ones.I'm not talking about the original solo without the hd in their name.
Well I guess I like that (so do millions of others just look at the sales). No audiophile headphone even compares.
Not for 1-25 year olds. Trust me I'm relatively popular at my hs. I'm assuming you guys are 35+? It's not like we're trying to impress our parents friends.
Yeah, you're right. For acoustic genres I can imagine how these would suck.
I feel like this opinion doesn't exist outside of this website.
And that's precisely why I own my studios. Too much bass isn't a statement outside of this website. 
I have tried audophile headphones (m80, m100, cal, momentum, ath m50) and I still prefer my original studios. None of those have even remotely close bass quantity except for the m100 but it doesn't look that good. I legit prefer my studios and if they broke I would buy them (the 2013 version now obv) over the others. Everyone always says the bass overshadows everything but I can hear everything perfectly fine. I'm beginning to think no audiophile listens to rap/dubstep.
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