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I still think if they had Beats most people would buy those.
Does the Studio 2013 have more bass than the Executive?
Are they the only ones?
page 10 says: GOOD AGREEMENT AMONG TRAINED LISTENERS ON HEADPHONE PREFERENCES. lol if it was a random piece of the population they would pick the bassiest aka the studios duhhhhhhhhh
there's many fakes
Ya i do ;)
How would you say those sound? (not directed to you just to avoid double posting) I have a friend that owns that u.s.a shirt posted like a page ago it's pretty sick lolEdit: Oh my lord I have 319 posts :O
Does he listen to rap/dubstep
http://www.beatsbydre.com/headphones/studio/titanium/900-00188-01.html Still plastic tho.
I know, I was saying many people have told me (and many youtubers) they changed the solo's sound along with the matte color changehttp://www.beatsbydre.com/headphones/beats-matte-solohd.html
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