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I don't know if you have the she3580 but if you do can you do a quick comparison between them and the RP-HJE355?
Joker I think you should review the monster dna; people are saying they sound like the m80 but with more bass. start at page 3 :) and with best buy's return policy it would be pretty easy.
  how would you describe the sound signature of the mixr?
They may not look as good but they still look good.
What is the sound signature of the mixr?
Joker should review them 
How do you know which ones have the snapdragon s4?
Are they better than wolfson or at least comparable?
Joker right now I have the skullcandy smokin bud (it's complicated ) and I'm thinking about buying the she3580. How much of an improvement should I expect; better bass quality/quantity, better mids and better treble? BTW I listen to rap/dubstep
They compete with the m80's!? ;O
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