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Do the Bassos sound the same as the Tenores just more bass? How does the bass on both compare to the she3580's (sub and mid bass)?
Urbeats; I can't believe no one has said them yet.
Honestly when I first heard the original Beats Studios I fell in love with the bass and so did everyone else my friend showed. Granted, I never heard any $100+ non Beats headphones but the OG Studios sound absolutely amazing to me.
I guess 90% of people have less than 1/2 a brain
I still think if they had Beats most people would buy those.
Does the Studio 2013 have more bass than the Executive?
Are they the only ones?
page 10 says: GOOD AGREEMENT AMONG TRAINED LISTENERS ON HEADPHONE PREFERENCES. lol if it was a random piece of the population they would pick the bassiest aka the studios duhhhhhhhhh
there's many fakes
Ya i do ;)
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