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But there's like 15 $100-200 iems to choose from
Show me another on-ear/over-ear headphone that both looks good and is bassy.
Best IEM $150 or less?
Just like the title implies, I want to know what the best bassy iem for $150 is.
The mixrs and 2013 studios are good. Even though this in the full-size forum the iems can be discussed here too.   p.s. Dre made me do it.
Too bad most if not all alternatives look bad
Do the Bassos sound the same as the Tenores just more bass? How does the bass on both compare to the she3580's (sub and mid bass)?
Urbeats; I can't believe no one has said them yet.
Honestly when I first heard the original Beats Studios I fell in love with the bass and so did everyone else my friend showed. Granted, I never heard any $100+ non Beats headphones but the OG Studios sound absolutely amazing to me.
New Posts  All Forums: