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Sennheiser's designers need a big raise lol
I'd wear the on ear ones outside but beats look way better.
has this been posted here yet lol http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/time-rethink-beats-solo2-excellent
I'll just leave this here: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/time-rethink-beats-solo2-excellent BTW poor people can't afford Beats; if you seriously think minimum wage workers can buy Beats then you're more ignorant then anybody I've ever met lol
Not Trolling Being Completely Serious:   Headphones I own and used to own: Philips she3580, Apple earpods, old Apple earphones, Beats Studio 1.0, Beats Mixr, Beats Studio 2.0   I greatly prefer the old Studio to all the headphones I listed because the bass is just so awesome to me. Every time I put them on it just amazes me how much bass they have. Even though the Studio 2.0 and Mixr are said to be better because they toned down the bass, that's the precise reason why...
New solos  
1. Nope, which is why Jordan makes so much money.2. Beats are the best sounding fashionable headphones.
Out of all those only the on-ear momentum can even be called alright looking and that's if you're head is big enough so that the metal frame doesn't go below the ear cup. Do they really have more bass than the 1.0 studio?
But there's like 15 $100-200 iems to choose from
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